BET is finally catching on; I think….


Finally BET has made a good decision in at least developing a news talk show; even though I think it should be on longer than 30 minutes;  The Truth with Jeff Johnson is a start in the right direction.  I hope everyone watches this new show and hopefully they can change the day and the time that this show comes on. 

 People our ages are not normally home at 11PM on Friday nights to watch it all the time.  But I know it will be on my TiVo list if I am not home on Fridays to watch it. 

Damn BET, it is about time you think about your people and not your bank account.  You have a lot of making up to do with all the smut you have been dishing out over the years!


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  1. It’s about time BET took notice and stopped showing our people in a bad light like they do on most occasions. I look forward to seeing Jeff’s show…he usually has a lot of useful info to report. Good look BET!!

    blogger from–

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