Should Bolt tone it down?

Anyone who has been keeping up with the track and field races; knows that it has been on fire this year.  Jamaica and America have dominated in many of the races.  And then there is Usain Bolt.  The boy is fast; really fast.  So fast that he broke Michael Johnson’s record.  He is electrifying to watch; but to me not so fun to watch after it’s over.  The showboating has been very animated and in my opinion a bit annoying. 

I don’t mind celebrating, jumping up and down, holding up one finger to say that your #1.  But all of the extra stuff Bolt does is just just too much.  Some see nothing wrong with it; but the dancing and the rubbing the sweat off your eyebrows is over the type in my opinion.  what do you think?


3 Responses

  1. His celebrations do look tacky I’ll be the first to admit. However, I say let the young man do what he wants – he’s earned it.

  2. First things first – He is not a “boy”

    Second – What Mr. Rogge has done is tarnish an outstanding accomplishment that I will never see again in my lifetime. Let’s be very clear here, most Olympians from other country will never make the millions Mr. Phelps’s will, all they will have is their name in history or a Google search. So now years from now, when we talk about the fastest man in history, we will be forced to also read Mr. Rogge’s untimely, biased, disrespectful comments. I think he owes the young man, the Jamaican community and sport and apology.

  3. I too was amazed by his ability, but somewhat disgusted by his antics. To be fair, I get disgusted by a lot of such antics, not just his. It isn’t like these people are curing cancer. The guy just runs fast.

    I don’t think Native was using the term “boy” in a derogatory way.

    Rogge was exactly right, and not disrespectful at all. What is disrespectful is an amazing, superiour athlete acting like a complete douche.

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