3 A.M.

Thanks Hillary!!  Of course this is politics as usual.  McCain’s people are attempting to benefit from Hillary’s assessment of Obama during her campaign run.  It is very obvious that McCain is being backed into a corner because he has nothing else on Obama. 

They have foolishly tried to attack this man’s character, which I find funny because if we take a look down memory lane in McCain’s life we would find that his character is somewhatflawed.  He knows he can’t win based on the fact that he was a P.O.W so his only alternative is to use what Clinton tried to do during the primaries to bring Obama down.  If the DNC doesn’t cut all of this in-fighting out and ban together the GOP is going to slide right into the White House for 4 more years.  We must stay focused; address the issues and hit McCain where it hurts; his policies!!


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