Time for Democrats to unite

It is time to swallow your pride and fall behind the candidate that will accept the nomination on Thursday; Barack Obama.  This convention should be focusing on how we plan to take back the White House from the republicans; but instead of focusing on that; we have to deal with Clinton supporters who have decided to put their own agenda over that of the party.  (Dealmaking and drama lead up to Clinton speech)

I am sick and tired of the distractions.   We are giving the GOP ammunition to use against us and Clinton supporters don’t seem to care.  I am sorry that Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination, but it is time to come together as a party.  Never put a candidate over your party.  We need to beat John McCain!  They not holding punched or cur cards in their approach and are pulling out all the stops to discredit Obama, and Clinton supporters are playing right into their hands; some are doing it intentionally.  What is more important your candidate or your party!  Get it together Democrats!!!


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  1. I am a Native American Female, I never cared for Hillary Clinton. She was outspoken, as she needed to be in her position, and stood by her man thoughout the Monica issue and held her head high, but being a person of color, I think the Clintons used the Blacks.

    I’m glad Obama did not choose her for running mate, she would have ran all over him, just as this new woman Palin seems to be running all over McCain, he looks embarrased standing next to her while she strives to emulate Hillary. He seems to be thinking, while trying to smile, “what have I done”!

    I love Obama! Its time America got back to the reason were call the United States. He loves America, Native American Indians LOVE AMERICA. No need to use anyones’ Race. Unite us in the policies that will be best for the population of America, Not the Blacks, Not Native American Indians and especially NOT the White Euros whom this Indian believes are first immigrants, have they been proven Legal or are just land squatters?

    We need to be united by policies that will be best for the multi-culture America.

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