What happened last night?

I listened to Hillary’s speech last night, and I must say that she did what she had to do, but could have said more.  I wanted Clinton to deliver a speech that would communicate to her supporters that it is ok to support Obama because they are both Democrats who want the same thing for the American people and that Obama is qualified to lead.  That did not happen last night.  Her speech was just okin my book.

After Hillary made her speech I saw this woman on CNN.  Anne Price Mills, an African American woman said on national cable television, that for the first time in her adult life that she may not vote this election year because Hillary was not the nominee.  After everything our ancestors went through to gain the right to vote, this woman has the audacity to make such comments.  I wanted to take my copy of Carter G. Woodson’s ‘Miseducation of the Negro” and knock her up side of her head with it.  My bad, I meant to say give her a copy so that she could read it… lol

Price-Mills has bought into the notion that Obama is not experienced.  Obama, who was educated in one of this country’s finest institutions, who served as a Illinois State Senator and now the U.S. Senate is qualified to run for President.  The Constitution requires that you are at least the age of 35 and a natural born citizen.  He meets both requirements. 

Price-Mills also said that she felt that Hillary’s campaign ended because of the fact that she was a woman.  There were some elements of sexism by commentators on the right and by the media.  Someone needs to remind Ms. Price-Mills that Obama has faced racism during his campaign as well.  These were two qualified candidates who both happen to be in minority groups. 

Price-Mills also said that she does not know Obama.  All she needs to do is go to his website and read.  The man has written several books; go read one of them. Hillary supporters need to ask which is more important; Hillary Clinton winning the nomination or a Democrat winning the white House. 

To add insult to injury, Anne Price-Mills had the nerve to say: “Hillary Clinton did what she needed to do now Obama needs to do what he needs to do”  Perhaps Ms. Anne Price-Mills needs to take her own advice; since Hillary did what she has to do, which was to support Obama; Price-Mills needs to do what she has to do as a Democrat and vote for Obama; it’s not rocket science!!!

What has Obama done that is so wrong, that would cause people to react like this woman did in the CNN video?  Hillary and Obama basically have the same democratic policy views; so what is really going on with Hillary supporters who think like this woman?  I am going to let you guys answer that for me.


7 Responses

  1. Well said, Native Son. I am appalled at the way people are letting emotion rule their choices. Why on earth would someone who supported Clinton move to the side of McCain because she didn’t get the nomination? Unbelievable! It just goes to show you that some people are not paying attention to the true issues we are faced with and voting based on the candidate’s stand on those issues. Wake up Clinton supporters!! Don’t be swayed by the misinformation campaign of the Republicans!

  2. I agree 100%. I thought the speech was “ok.” We’ll see what President Clinton says tonite. I watched the woman on CNN and I too was troubled by her remarks. I fail to understand how any African-American could have the gall not to vote. She appears old enough to know better. We have alot of work to do….and so the struggle continues. I’m about to go teach a fifth grade guidance class in two minutes. I hope I can pass along something that will prevent that type of ignorance.

  3. The problem is the fact that a lot of Americans cannot abide by a non-white being the President of the United States. Yes, I’ve said it. No matter how many ways we try and pretend otherwise, that is the reason. I speak the truth.

  4. steadycat: I was waiting for someone to say what you said. It is the pink elephant in the room that people don’t want to talk about.

    I applaud Hillary for her historic run as well as Obama. It is time for her supporters to back the nominee which is Obama; and if they don’t we know the real reason why they choose not to and it is not because of his experience. The black woman in this video is a prime example of how black people can buy into main stream America’s cultural conditioning of undervalue, underesimate and marginalize their own people.

  5. Is she a Democractic Delegate or the next Best Actress Academy Award Nominee? She is a little too dramatic and emotional to see that she shouldn’t let her support of Hillary keep her from voting. I did not get a sense of what she felt Hillary would be doing for her as president…

  6. When we see what kind of monster McCain selects as his running mate, we’ll see if people like that really want to sit out of the election.

  7. Well said Native Son. Well said, and now with McCain’s pick of the ideologue Sarah Palin – the mis-guided Ms. Price-Mills should again be asked the question. “Will you support Barack Obama?” If the answer remains a teary-eyed and irrational “I don’t know” , I myself will pity her.

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