Palin’s Debut

She did exactly what the party wanted her to do; to appeal to blue collar Americans who were not on board with McCain.  Her delivery was good, and she came out swinging.  But now what?  There are still many questions that the GOP have left unanswered.

How did her speech help the American who is struggling to pay bills?  How did her constant attack on Obama help that family who is about to loose their home or jobs that are being outsourced?

It was also interesting that most of the GOP speakers did not mention Bush or his administration.  They know that they belong to a political party that values the corporate elite.

I also found it hypocritical that Palin would assume that she is more qualified than Obama because he started out as a community and civc leader and at the same time say that she started out as hockey mom turned PTA president.  Sounds to me that both Palin and Obama started out with humble beginnings; but for some reason she thinks that her journey is more legitimate. 

It is also ridiculous to suggest that her experience as a Mayor and Governor out-trumps Obama being a State Senator for 8 years and a U.S. Senator for 3 years.  She also believes that her being in control of the Alaska National Guard gives her military or foreign affairs experience.

I give Sarah Palin an A+ for the delivery of her speech, but a D for substance.  The gloves are off and now when the Democrats swing back we will see who is left standing.

I also think that someone also needs to remind Palin and the GOP that civic and community leaders are the ones that made this country what it is today.  Do they remember Martin Luther King Jr?  Remember Harriet Tubman or John Brown?  Do they remember the countless and faceless number of grass-roots civic and community leaders who made history.  The latest person being Barack Obama.

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One Response

  1. I was not even impressed by her delivery. She is a classic empty shell, ready to be inhabited by whatever demons the Republican Party want her to host.

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