Someone from Hip-Hop who is not regarding R. Kelly as a genius;

Someone from Hip-Hop who is calling R. Kelly out for what he really is;

Someone from Hip-Hop who isn’t trying to separate the man from his music (which is one of the man excuses I have heard his fans and people in the hip-hop & RB community say about R. Kelly);

When will everyone else get a clue?  I am tired of hearing artists who have collaborations with R. Kelly.  I am talking about male and female artist.  Is having a hit single that important that some of these artists will ignore that fact that this man has a problem with under-aged girls?  Yeah I know he was found innocent in a court of law, but we know that R. Kelly has a problem; we knew this when he married Aalyiah back in the day!!!  But despite all of this, some of us don’t care as long as we can dance and step in the name of love……

Funkmaster Flex tells the truth about R.Kelly


One Response

  1. I’ve read the comments from his fans and I am disgusted at the level of moarality we have, where this is accepted because he can sing! I’ve personally known the man was a freak waay before he married Aliyah…only he wasn’t famous then.

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