McCain says Obama ahead because ‘life isn’t fair’

Actually McCain is right; life isn’t fair because Obama should have more that a 7 point lead against a man who belongs to the party who created this mess in the first place.  One has to ask why Obama isn’t more ahead in the polls……..

McCain: Obama lead growing because ‘life isn’t fair’ 


26 Responses

  1. Oh Lordie. Crying time again. Life is not fair or you would not be running at all and we would not have to be looking at Sarah Palin daily.

  2. Liar, liar, liar…suspended his campaign my foot. There was at least one ad running the day after here in the Tampa Bay area. Palin was out there, the campaign offices were working. Was $$$ coming in? I can’t believe people are not calling McCain out on flat out lying. It’s a “say anything, twist anything” free-for-all. Life isn’t fair…or maybe it is…people are tired of hearing lies, inconsistencies and day to day condescending bologna.

  3. McCain a man with 8 houses and 13 cars said life is not fair?
    Up or down, poor or rich, Obama never complained in the race or life.

    McCain always reminded people “I was a POW”, “I was a POW”. That’s all he got for building his political career. I am tired of hearing it all the time. We need a stable and intelligent leader at this critical moment of our country, not just a POW.

  4. McCain got his 84 millions from the US Dept. of Treasury. With the economic downturn, Sen. Obama’s camp, relying on donors like you and me, will be hurt. We are in the last days of campaign. This election is not locked in yet. Let’s all give Sen. Obama one last push by donating $5, $10,… $50 whatever you can. We must not let our nation to fall into the disastrous hands of McCain. You can skip a cup of coffee, or a movie. Please help yourself (big!) and your country by helping Sen. Obama to win this race.

  5. My eyes are filled with tears as I hear McCain saying life isn’t fair. He might be the biggest liar I have ever heard on the political scene. How anyone could even think of voting for this insignificant replica of a human being is beyond my comprehension

  6. Life isn’t Fair…

    Wonder if that is what the guy that DIDN’T get into the Naval Academy thought when McCain got in because of his Dad and Grandfather and graduated in the bottom 5!!

    Wonder if that is what McCain’s first wife thought when he had an affair and then dumped her and his children.

    Now we know that is what you think when you own more houses than you can remember.

  7. Very true. What shows that “life isn’t fair” is when someone like McCain has 7 mansions/homes and 13 cars while tens of thousands of children die every week from hunger around the world, and poor people are being dumped off from hospitals to skid row right here in our own country. Life has been relatively good to McCain– minus his years in captivity–

    What shows life isn’t fair is when you’re sick, and turned away from the doctor’s office because you couldn’t pay his last bill, and don’t earn a living wage that can afford the outrageously high health insurance costs. What isn’t fair is when you work 2/3 of your whole life with honesty, and greedy CEO’s paying themselves 1000 times what they pay you– box up your job and ship it overseas to cheap labor markets while you watch your sense of dignity, insurance and retirement fly out the window.

    What shows that life isn’t fair is when terrorists fly planes into buildings, killing thousands of people, and there is such poor leadership from Washington DC that the perpetrator is still loose seven year later, while our own people are being practically strip-searched at airports, questioned if they are carrying an almanac, having their phones tapped, emails read, and have had their Constitution trampled on by their failed president and a Senator who supported him 90% of the time. They lied to us, to the United Nations and the whole world about WMD in Iraq, and invaded a country that had nothing to do with the attacks on our country. What shows that life isn’t fair is that possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent people– people whose lives are every bit as valuable as yours and mine– died in Iraq because of that lie and the war that John McCain supported.

    What shows life isn’t fair is when a guy cheats on his wife who had been in an accident, then he leaves her for the much younger woman with whom he cheated on her… and marries her– Cindy McCain. What isn’t fair is when Hurricane Katrina wipes out a city, people need help, and their government ignores their pleas. On that day, John McCain was laughing it up and eating cake with George Bush. What isn’t fair is when a when a nation is in desperate need of leadership from good candidates, and instead gets a man who left his wife to marry into wealth, who graduated at the bottom of his class at naval academy, lies at every turn, runs for office when he is approaching the life expectancy for males in the U.S., and makes a reckless, irresponsible choice of a running mate.

    Yet everyone thinks he’s a great hero because he served in a war, and was shot down and held captive. That alone neither determines the capabilities of a person, nor their full character. Many people did that, and did not have a high-ranking father in the Navy to save their rear ends. What shows life isn’t fair is many were not so lucky to survive. Is it so heroic when you base your whole substance on that one event, and exploit and display it over– and over– and over throughout the campaign? Every person who puts on a uniform and serves their country is a hero. People in my own family served with honor. They aren’t capable of being president either, and I would not vote for them. Those who gave their lives, those who jumped on grenades to save their buddies, the medics on the battlefield who will never know what it’s like to live in 7 mansions and drive 13 cars, but salute and do their duty with honor, and courage– the brave men and women who fill cemeteries so that we can continue to breathe– those are my heroes.

    I think that lying, unfaithful, grumpy, war-mongering, short-tempered, anything-to-win, obscenely wealthy jerk who makes jokes about bombing Iran when the country is concerned we’re going to be sucked into another war, needs to suck it up and realize he has it pretty damn good compared to the rest of America.

  8. NO LIFE ISN’T FAIR. It’s not fair that until the upper middle class starting feeling the fire beneath their feet did anything happen to stop this madness. The poor and lower middle class have already lost their homes. Why wasn’t this done last year? Oh yeah, because the economy is fundamentally sound. Coming from some old ba$turd that could take care of 20 poor families on his money. Well, I’m pretty his economics are fundamentally sound. Had I not had the common sense to cut back to just the basics (mortgage, lights, heat, food, clothes) a few years ago, I’d be in deeper sh!t than I am now. McCain is not the one that will change this country. Palin for sure isn’t the one to take over once McCain kicks the bucket. She’s so busy trying to have people fired and exacting her revenge, she couldn’t even keep her daughter in line. She needs to go home and take care of her family.

    No one has answered this question for me in other posts, but is the young black man claiming to be the father of Bristol’s baby for real or is it just BS?

  9. In repsonse to McCain’s statement about ‘life not being fair’ I can only say that maybe it is exactly that. McCain, maybe life is being fair for Americans. You’re running for office to be the leader of American lives and live hood. So, if your popularity is falling then it’s because life is fair – for Americans. It’s not about what you want it’s about what’s best for America. And, it is American’s who will decide that. Not you. So, for you life may not be fair but that’s because your aren’t taking into account the millions of lives and wants and needs that you are seeking to represent.
    Most people would say that not knowing how many home you earn is fair either. Would you agree with that statement. I’m guessing you feel that one is very fair – because it benefits you.
    Wake up McCain, America has.

  10. For a seasoned politician like McCain to cry that life isnt fair, is really SAD and FUNNY. It shows how low politicians like him will stoop to get some votes, even if it is pity votes. Cant wait for the election to be over and done with so we dont have to watch him on TV screens. I once enjoyed seeing him on TV but increasingly he comes across as arrogant and out of touch – those $millions he and the wife have must be too much for him.

  11. John McCain allegedly suspended his campaign and went to Washington… to do what? Take meetings with a few Republicans and do nothing but listen? Go out to dinner with Joe Leiberman? Sit stern-faced at a table with the President, Barack Obama, and other government officials, and contribute nothing to the dialogue? Make an announcement before the vote that he had prevailed and helped bring the Congress together to pass the bail-out plan? The man was totally ineffectual, and then he tried to grandstand. The next day he attacks Obama, then, in the very next sentence, says that we have to set partisan politics aside. This man, who graduated second-to-last in his Naval Academy class of nearly 900 midshipmen and crashed 5 jets during his Navy career, is a moron. No wonder he thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to run.

  12. Cry me a river McCain. Obama’s ahead in the polls because his behavior hasn’t been erratic, his judgement has been sound, and his demeanor in the middle of the drama McCain creates on a weekly basis has been one of calm maturity. People are getting tired of McCain’s phony persona and his insistence on playing the victim. McCain started losing voters when he started treating them like they were all stupid.

  13. Leadership can be express with the press or behind the scenes. I believed that they both show leadership in this issue, one showing the press that he will suspend his campaign and the other one working behind the scene.

    The reason why John MCCain failed in this showing of leadership is that because the number of repbulicans voted for this bill is less than the number of the democrats. It seems to me that Obama is more effective in leadership eventhough he is not showing it to the press. LOL

    For that reason, OBAMA is now leadin in the poll

    Erik from CANADA

  14. Suspended his campaign? Bull-doody. Wednesday, when he made his announcement, the only thing he cancelled was his appearance on David Letterman so he could “rush back to Washington.” However, instead of immediately flying back, he was being interviewed by Katie Couric. Then did he rush to Washington? No! He stayed in NYC to deliver another political address Thursday morning.

    McCain didn’t arrive back in the Capital until the meeting with President Bush, which, as we know, was also attended by Senator Obama.

    What a hypocrite.

  15. Mccain probably found out how many votes were already cast by Michiganders via absentee ballot, and figured he had no chance at all, and decided to refocus his energies in states that he actually has a shot in.

  16. NOBAMA is just sitting back letting the dice roll…that is what he does BEST all he wants is to be the first BLACK president…he could care less how he GETS there…

  17. Liz: You are so wrong to even think that Obama is running for president because he is black. Obama cares about the American people and he will start the change that we need in our country.

  18. wow liz, that is really ignorant of you. anywyayevidence is piling up, the country is seeing what a liar john mccain is. soon the country will see how UN-prepared palin is to even be vice president. she is completely oblivious to what is going on in the ‘real world’.

  19. I DID NOT SAY THAT HE WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT bc he is black…I SAID HE WANTED TO BE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT….IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED HE WOULD BE THE FIRST WHITE MALE TO RUN FOR OFFICE…IT IS ALL ABOUT BEING PRESIDENT VS WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PEOPLE…i am sure you know how he became senator RIGHT WELL if not he was the ONLY person on the ballot…and guess how he got there well he eliminated the competition…not very the way..i guess thats politics…

  20. McCain can call unfair all he wants. It just became too unfair in Michigan. It’s gonna be too unfair here in Pennsylvania too.

    Anybody but McCain/Palin in 08′!

    -Matt (Pittsburgh)

  21. LiZ are you serious? The man is half White for goodness sake, —

  22. Liz:

    Obama has never said he was running to become the 1st African American President. It is very interesting to me that main stream America can inject race into this campaign. Obama has not once gave any indication that he is running to be this country’s 1st black President.

  23. Liz – At it’s most basic generalization, McCain tells us he’ll keep us safe, while Obama has plans to restore America’s dignity abroad. Hmmmm…What is better for our country? Obama and I would hope most Americans realize that if we keep up the way we are, that the entire world will hate us. The world’s population realizes that it is our government that has generated the policies that lead them to their beliefs about our country, and not the actual citizenry here. If we don’t choose a leader with a little sanity and a world-view that isn’t all “rah rah America” we can change our position from that of the hated to what we used to be. A bastion of light espousing freedom, democracy, and good-will. We also need to realize we can do these things in our own country without forcing them on other people and other lands. It might seem like the right thing to do, but many times it ends up the wrong thing. Obviously we can’t even run our own government correctly, how can we have any faith our government can run a puppet government in countries where the populations look at us as invaders and occupiers?

  24. “Life isn’t fair”

    Isn’t this one of the central tenets of the Republican party? The fact that life isn’t fair supports the Republican party focuses on providing benefits for those who have the most. Life isn’t fair because Republicans know that they don’t have to share corporate wealth or other tax benefits that benefit those more fortunate than others because–life isn’t fair.

    There’s no need to establish affirmative action programs for minorities or people from lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder because, here we go again, life isn’t fair.

    John McCain exemplifies the “Life Isn’t Fair” coalition by spreading lies about Obama because–that’s right–life isn’t fair.

    The “life isn’t fair” approach to life is the central creed for those who are liars. Why? Because–you guessed it–life isn’t fair. For the liars who subscribe to this approach there is no need to tell the truth because there is no need to be fair. Why? Hit me one more time: LIFE ISN’T FAIR.

  25. McCain is so full of it. Obama is ahead b/c he is the better candidate. Plain and simple. Now he’s just embarassing himself and I feel sorry for him. He brought all of this on himself by picking “Say It Ain’t So” Sarah as his running mate and forgetting that she’d actually have to speak, lol.

  26. Obama is an idiot that takes himself seriously. Politically he has done absolutely nothing. Your former democrate President is actually who is responsible for a lot of “this mess” we are in today.

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