That One

It seems that McCain’s reference to Obama as ‘that one’ has ticked off some people. What od you think?

McCain’s ‘that one’ rant


4 Responses

  1. His reference to “that one” is consistent with his failure to even look at Obama during the first debate. It is not in dispute that in America blacks have been viewed as being less than human and certainly less than equal to whites–or, as Ralph Ellison described, “invisible”. So, McCain’s failure to even acknowledge Obama’s existence during the first debate and his reference to “that one” during the second debate is consistent with McCain’s–and many others of the same age and ilk–belief that Sen. Obama is not worthy of respect as a man, as an equal, and as someone to be respected.

    Fortunately, I believe that people will see McCain for what he is. I also believe that younger people watching the debate–whether black, asian, white or any other ethnicity–will have more respect for Obama than McCain. Every time McCain shows his ignorance, it benefits Obama.

  2. McCain has a history of this type of disrespectful attitude toward those that disagree with him.

  3. I know I’m late in responding to this, but the “that one” comment showed the real John McCain, who is nothing more than an unhinged candidate desperate for any traction he can get. I thought the comment was condescending and incredibly racist (in classic racial “coda” form).

  4. When McCain said “that one”, he really wanted to say “that nigger”. Last time I voted for Bush. There was no way that I would put “that one – McCain with that one – Palin”. In the White House. McCain is so out of touch with the wverage American. He is also so old that he probably would croak while in the White House and then we would have the trailor park Palin running the government. NOT

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