Black Conservatives are at odds over Obama??

This has to be one of the funniest and sad moments captured on video.  Black Conservatives James T. Harris and Shelly Wynter spar over their choices of presidential candidates.  Wynter is supporting Obama while Harris is supporting McCain.  You may recognize Harris as the black man who stood during a McCain rally and did a jig and tap dance begging McCain to attack Obama’s ties with Ayers and Rev. Wright; a tactic that obviously blew up in McCain’s face.

During this CNN interview Wynter accuses Harris of selling out (imagine that; a black conservative accusing another black conservative of selling out…LOL this could not get any funnier) not because Harris is a black conservative, but because he has chosen to support McCain who is not a conservative.  Harris gets so angry with Wynter that he storms off the set.

I am trying to get this straight and I need your help blog world.  Wynter is accusing Harris of selling out as a conservative for supporting McCain who is not a conservative. If Harris is a sell out to conservative republicans, isn’t Wynter an even bigger sell out for supporting Obama?????


One Response

  1. Is this an argument in the form of–If you’re going to work for the devil, at least be a good minion? I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help on this one. As for being a “consistent” conservative, there isn’t much to it: Hand over as much of the wealth created by working people to filthy rich people who don’t work. It’s basically a fiscal plan to ensure that spa workers, mansion architects, and high-paid prostitutes always have a job.

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