Powell Endorses Obama


Gen Colin Powell sets the record straight on why he is endorsing Sen Barack Obama; and it makes sense. Click on the link and listen to the video of clip of why he is supporting Obama.


3 Responses

  1. Yes his endorsment made sense. What did not was the hating right-wing because they lost their beloved beige negro. Nice spot BTW.

  2. General Powell is a class act

  3. Calling General Powell a “beige negro” was an unnecessary insult, that he does not deserve.

    Like General Powell, I am a registered republican, but I have never voted for Ronald Reagan or George Bush!
    I am a republican on our local level because they get results. The local democrats in my area, take our black vote for granted because they falsely believe we have nowhere else to go. I will join whichever party is willing to serve my people and my peoples needs.

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