CNN + Comedy News + D.L. Hughley = Not funny


When I first heard that CNN was creating a comedy news show, I thought that it was unnecessary but most cable networks have them.  When I heard they selected D.L. Hughley, I cringed.  2 weeks before the most important historic election, CNN decides to air a political comedy news show featuring one of the most corny, polarizing comedians.  The race jokes are not funny and I can’t believe that they gave him a show. 

The show was ‘Coontastic’ in content.  The pimp clip with Freedie Mack and Fannie Mae and the Sammy Davis Jr. porkchop clip were deplorable.

Obama, more than any candidate has had to jump hoops and hurdles to prove that he is an American, a Christian and that he loves his country.  We still have a portion of America who beleives that Obama is a terrorist; they believe that he is an Arab and that he will bring America down to its knees.  This election has shown how some people in American are ignorant to people that do not look like them.  CNN has covered stories about this problem yet they decide to give D.L. Hughley a comedy news show? 

CNN is pulling out their ‘big rolodex’ to book people to be on the show but the chemistry is not there.  You can tell the guest are on edge and the audience laughs with hesitation.  For each (some what) intelligent question or comment Hughley makes, he voids it out by saying something ignorant. 

Is CNN trying to set Obama up?  I swear it seems like it…lol

How many of you have seen the show?  what do you think?  I have no intention on watching his show again and hope it is canceled soon.  D.L. Hughley is not funny; at all…. Sorry Hughley fans, just my take on it.. 

DL Huhley Clip 1

DL Hughley Clip 2


48 Responses

  1. CNN is trying to help McCain win and is using this black idiot to do it. I hope Americans will be smart and read through this.

  2. Well, One, I don’t see why they couldn’t delay the broadcast two weeks. OR why DL would not insist on that.

    Two, it just felt SO wrong watching this on CNN. If only Time Warner had a comedy based network . . .

    Oh yeah: TBS. Very Funny.

  3. It was absolutely horrible. I couldn’t watch anymore after 5 – 10 minutes. I was in shock; I couldn’t believe I was watching CNN. Wow.

  4. I wrote CNN to say that Hughley’s racist humor ten days before the election was a travesty. I hope anyone who is troubled with contact CNN!

  5. I was OUTRAGED by this show, as I usually am by DL Hughley’s ‘work’. What a shame. It is a set-up. I cannot think of a comedian who would be worse for the job. I’m tolerating “Chocolate News” on Comedy Central, simply because it feels like good ol’ DAG; sketch comedy on a comedy network. Fine.

    I wonder how long DL’s contract with Time Warner is, though. This is the CW-ifying of CNN. aka The Minstrel Show. The election is in less than 2 weeks! Total set-up. Set. up. DL is not only an idiot in the social sense, he’s also barely literate, and not politically savvy. What a sell-out. I hope Roland Martin and Donna Brazile jump him.

  6. I Can’t believe the sensibility of CNN To air this rediculous un-funny show. D.L. Hughley is a racist, Uncle Tom sell-out who is trying to impede the election of Barack Obama. Have you seen his Coonish grinning promos? He even looks high in some of them. This is definately a set-up by CNN to facilitate McCain’s access to the White House. What made them think we needed this show now, or at any other time? I had a lot of respect for CNN, but I have now lost it all, and relegate CNN to the same sad status as I do Fox News. D.L. Hughley should take his Coonish, Uncle Tom Sellout of a show and do us a favor and disappear. Some people will do anything for a dollar. He, and CNN are a disgrace to this country.

  7. We must find a way for CNN to stop this show, it is not timely nor funny. We don’t need this a week before the election.

  8. Hello,

    I think that the viewers need to make their opinions known at CNN!

    We need to stop tolerating this debasement.

    We are sick of minstrels getting air time that belongs to black intellectuals who will elevate the national dialogue! Let us make that known!

    Jonathan Klein
    1 CNN Center
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Phone: 404-827-1700
    Fax: 404-827-1099


    Susan Bunda
    Executive Vice President of Content Development


    Bart Feder
    Senior Vice President of Current Programming

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  9. D.L.’s sit-com (originally on ABC?) a few years back was outstanding. However, his comic-socio-political commentary (e.g. on Bill Maher) has never been adequate. Why on Earth did CNN give him a show? His racial humor is occasionally funny in small doses, but an entire show? on CNN???? No!!!! We have serious journalists who could fill this time while still providing some comic relief for the day. I am shocked that CNN would try to appeal to Black audiences with this type of show. Or is it that White folks find this funny? If so, that’s scary and just plain silly. Please quietly remove this show from the air.

  10. If you want to display buffoonery like this, move to comedy central or HBO. CNN should apologized for disrespecting it’s African American audience like this. Neither Joe Madison nor Roland Martin would have signed up for this madness. He must be running low on funds. I would have thought for a former gang member , he would display more integrity and dignity than that.

  11. Man I was looking online to see if I was the only Black person in America who felt outrage after witnessing DL’s repugnant display of self-hate, bafoonery and coonery on CNN this weekend. I hope that everyone writes CNN an e-mail & let’s them know that this clown does not represent us. We’re trying to move forward. It’s time for the minstel shows to end. Unfortunately, nobody sent DL the memo.

  12. Quote frankly, I never found Hughley to be funny even before this. There is a big difference between satire that makes a brilliant social point and idiocy. Hughley’s show is the later

  13. Two words: Womp-Womp!

  14. I was so angry last night after watching that mess! CNN’s timing is just unbelievable! I am so glad that I am not the only Black person who found this to be completely inappropriate and disrespectful! It’s really sad that D.L. Hughley would even sign up for this gig.

    Thanks Lisa for the contact info. I will be writing a letter.

  15. Wow!! DL Hugley should be ashamed of himself as a human being!!! Most of the people that I know are make intelligent decisions based on facts not on race. Hugley mentioned Black President more than 10 times which leads me to believe that Obama’s race is an issue to him. CNN and DL Hugley needs to become a part of the CHANGE that Obama/ Bidden stands for. DL STOP BRINGING UP RACE AND TRY TO USE ANY TALENT YOU MAY HAVE WITHOUT PLAYING THE RACE CARD….. THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!

  16. The show is absolutely horrible. It’s more than inappropriate. Racist, stupid , ignorant, buffoonery. The sad thing is that it will be rebroadcast over and over and over in the next week or so. It would be interesting to find out who is backing this show.

  17. As my family and I sat around the dinner table conversing, we were eagerly waiting for DL’s show to come on. When the “Freddie Mac” sketch came on, we sat there in total disbelief. That eventually turned into anger, and then total embarassment.

    We even waited to see if the “pimp” sketch had a message in it in some sort of comical way from the third eye of a comic, but there wasn’t. The Sammy Davis as a child clip tap dancing in front of a “Mammy “, then the negative stereo type jokes about what a Black man would do if he were to be in the White House put me and my mother in the highest state of pissitivity. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy our humor as a culture, but I expected something much different from a show that was airing on CNN.

    It just kept getting worse and worse. Then we had hoped that he would have at least had an intelliget conversation with his guest and that didn’t happen either. He goes to a Sarah Palin rally and jokingly has white people chanting ” Palin / Hughley over and over again. What made it all so bad is that my family didn’t find the show funny at all from start to finish.

    Did any one notice midway through the show as they were going to a commercial break, ALL the White crew members, camera people, etc.. were wearing nappy wigs that were styled like DL’s twists? My mother is 80 years old and the comment she made during the show was.. “What do you expect from a Black man who wears his hair like Sambo. ”

    DL Hughley had / has the chance of a life time that any entertainer, especially a Black comic would kill to have. An opportunity with a WORLD WIDE audience and this is the best he could do?? DAMN!! You do this Amos & Andy / Al Jolson s**t !!! NOW??

    NOW!!? When there is a qualified, highly intelligent, classy, humorous, dignified, cool, calm, collected, and clean cut Black man with might I add, a beautiful, intelligent and stylish Black wife.. running for the highest and most powerful position on the planet? You do this NOW??!!!!!!

    I consider CNN to be the Rolls Royce of news and this show is a Yugo. DL, If you don’t change your way of thinking, your writers, consultants, and who ever else slapped this show together with “Uncle Tom” tape to make you look like an idiot, the world will see you go off the air along with your career. I can almost see you getting a check with a lot of zero’s to embarass African Americans, but if the format of the show was all your idea, well… there Yugo.

    Damn DL, Damn

  18. And Let’s not forget that D.L. Hughley was the same person who said that Imus was right by calling the Rutgers girls Nappy headed ho’s….. I am happy to hear that I was not the only black person who was outraged that CNN gave Hugley a show.

  19. This was a travesty from the moment of its inception. My mother and family friend called me livid on Sunday morning to protest and call CNN (212-275-7800) to get this minstrel show off of the air. This is precisely why many hip-hop artists presciently chose to withhold their public support, for fear of their image preceding their message.

  20. Bill Maher has a great format for a show. D.L. please follow that format. I hope you have the time and control to change the format. I wish you well. The show was terrible!

  21. I love DL, it just wasn’t funny. I’ve watched him do political commentary on other shows like Bill Maher and even Larry King and he was really good. He was educated on the issues and he was funny. This just wasn’t that funny. I’m not ready to write DL off just yet, I’m hoping that was just the first show and it will get much better over time. Hopefully CNN will let DL be DL and we will get the funny back, I’m all about keeping people employed, and a black man doing a political satire show, let’s all give him a chance.

  22. Like most of you, I am highly disturbed by this program. Now what? We have just a few days until the next show airs. Everyone must voice their concerns to CNN…call, email, whatever it takes to get this show cancelled. It’s obvious they’re trying to promote a negative image of black people to discourage others from voting for Obama. Shame on you CNN and DL Hugley.

    THIS SHOW MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Seems like DL & CNN was paid off by by the McCain camp. I was highly dissapointed when I saw the show. I was disgusted to know that DL would attempt to sabatoge the nation’s Hope for Change one week before the election…Where is the dignity. I felt like he was a disgrace to his own race on national/world news. I heard him on Tom Joyner this morning and he didn’t seem the least bit remorseful because his ratings were so high…Yeah they were high because we were all expecting so much more.

  24. Something is going on. CNN ditch OBAMA for McCain and Allow crap like D.L. Hugley’s show on. Hmmm…

  25. No Way, No How, No DL Hughley Breaks the News!

  26. I’m sorry–but D.L. was never that funny to begin with. He has his moments, but those are somewhat rare.

    What bugs me the most is what prompted CNN to have its most visible African-American news anchors to the weekend slots. Why are Don Lemon, T.J. Holmes, and Fredericka Whitfield relegated to the weekend hours? It seems like they should be more visible throughout the week as well, especially during the prime time hours.

    None of the major news channels have any African-Americans hosting their own opinion-oriented news shows.

    Instead of wasting an hour with D.L., why didn’t CNN have a town hall-type show with some of its African-American anchors, or give a regular hour to pundits like Roland Martin, Jamal Simmons, and Amy Holmes. I don’t always agree with everything all of them say, especially Holmes, but they are articulate and make you think about different issues from multiple perspectives.

    CNN really needs to wake up.

  27. I’m a white Canadian dude living in Montreal. WTF is going on with CNN??? I’m extremely offended by this guy’s “commedy”. Its racist and its certainly NOT funny!!!. I’ve lost respect for CNN.

    We need to get the word out there. Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson? They should be all over this by now.

    Shame on CNN!

    – White dude in Canada.

  28. I too am glad that i was not the only one who thought this show was completely degrading. I could only stomach through about 15 min. of the show. I do think that this is why someone like dave chappel left his show because he did not want “white’ audiences laughing harder at the racial jokes than “black” audiences. Come on DL have some pride and responsibility about what you put out on the air. Ratings does not always equal quality.

  29. I am so sad and disappointed in CNN. I am black, and have come to regard CNN as one of the most respected cable news stations on television. Doesn’t anyone see how this undermines everything we are tying to unchain ourselves from? I too want black programming, but not at such a high cost. Comedy is good, but Minstrel is Minstrel, and I don’t care how much money DL is paid. Obama deserves better. I would expect this from FOX. Shame on you CNN
    If Obama loses this race YOU will share the blame DL. You will be the new NADER!

  30. I am so sad and disappointed in CNN. I am black, and have come to regard CNN as one of the most respected cable news stations on television. Doesn’t anyone see how this undermines everything we are tying to unchain ourselves from? I too want black programming, but not at such a high cost. Comedy is good, but Minstrel is Minstrel, and I don’t care how much money DL is paid. Obama deserves better. I would expect this from FOX. Shame on you CNN
    If Obama loses this race YOU will share the blame DL. You will be the new NADER!

  31. DL Hughley has never been funny in my book. However, I fine the show tasteless and wish to see it pulled with “all deliberate haste” to qoute the New President Elect.

    Shame on you CNN and Shame on you DL.

  32. Ichange the channel during that time somtimes, but I do think he is somtimes funny. But he goes too far CNN is still the most reliable news source.

  33. The CNN Comedy News with D.L. Hughley was not funny at all with anything that was said about the Tea Fire in Santa Barbara and Montecito, CA. The fire destroyed over 200 homes the night of November 13th with ferocious sundowner winds in a matter of hours. Two people were badly burned fleeing the fire. Fire is extremely powerful and destructive to anything in its path. D.L.’s depiction that we are only rich celebrities with petty losses is ridiculous. LISTEN to the real stories, READ the real facts, SEE the real fire photos.

    I viewed this segment of Hughley on Saturday, Nov. 22nd.

  34. People need to really relax. There is nothing degrading about the show. If it was degrading, then you’re obviously way too tense when it comes racial topics to begin with.’s suppose to be a COMEDY. Humor has been used for years to breakdown racial prejudice and too make light of stereotypes for a long time, so all this outrage seems a bit out of place. And I don’t see a problem with a serious organization such as CNN showing a lighter side. That being said, the show is not funny all. And I mean that from a comic standpoint, not because I’m appalled or whatever. I remember DL being much funnier and sharper. It certainly isn’t at the caliber of Daily show or Colbert report.

  35. Rob J:

    I think that most people who xommented about this show on blog site are looking at this from a historical perspective about how black people were potrayed on TV in the past.

    Those people, especially African Americans who know their history understand what we are talking about. D.L. Hughley’s first episode was very ‘Stepin Fetchit’ if you don’t know who Stepin Fetchit was, I encourage you to look it up.

    This is cultural conditioning at its best. And as usual, some people in America will tell black people that they are overreacting or need to relax.

    Cultural Conditioning= Underestimated, undervalued and marginalized.

  36. DL Hughley is not a racist. He’s just not funny and his sketches are terrible.

  37. DL Sucks. Why couldn’t I have gotten THAT gig?

  38. I hate the show, D.L. Hughley insults not only himself, but black people in general. He needs to find something intelligent to do with his time.

  39. D.L. Hughley needs to find something intelligent to share. His show is awful and does not take a lot of intellect to do. Up grade your act! You don’t need a GED to insult your own people! Find something constructive to do.

  40. This is by far the worst political satire show I’ve ever seen. D.L. must have someone high up in CNN’s ranks granting him special favours. The show sucks so bad, I went to google to check out if I was the only one who thought it sucked, well lo and behold I found this webpage. I think we should send a petition to CNN.

  41. As a grandma whose grandchild was a college student trapped in the Gymnasium at Westmont College during the Tea Fire, after D.L.’s outrageous mocking of the residents of Montecito during the fire I complained via email to both Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and to CNN directly. Never heard a word back on my issue from either. In addition to the severe injuries to the young married couple in Montecito, and the two hundred homes, many of these kids lost all of their semester’s work, their wallets and ID, their computers,all their clothes, etc., as their dorms burned down. About forty Westmont staff lost their entire homes, a lifetime of memories and material possessions. There was minimal water/food to cover about 450 kids and about 40 cots in the gym – but more than 850 kids were sheltered in the gym for 17 hrs as the fire raged within ten feet of the gym, burning much of their school to the ground. D.L. has lived in CA all his life until a few months ago, he knows the damage our wildfires cause, the death, injury and devastation to property — good god, where is his humanity and where is CNN’s common sense? This piece should have never aired.

  42. Why is this show still on CNN?

  43. this show blows hard and i’m fairly open minded. d.l makes 6 figure salary? wow! god bless the u.s.a. the land uh appahtunities……

  44. This show is a disgrace to not only a respectable news channel , but a disgrace to both black and white americans.

  45. I find it unusual with people like Lou Dobbs explaining the huge amount of problems, legally and otherwise that we have in dealing with illegal aliens in America, Lou being one of their best editors, that CNN would then hire DL Hughley to come on and lump the immigrants who came here legally in with illegals as just immigrants. He obviously doesn’t know the difference. I would invite him to come to Arizona and live here in parts of this state where the gangs, drugs, health problems caused by lack of hygiene and children are held back in school while waiting for people who refuse to learn of teach their children how to speak English or learn Math themselves and expect their children to start work on the farm the day after their eighth grade graduation. The amount of teen pregnancy among the illegals that is paid for by our taxes is astounding. To anyone who grew up in a NON-corrupted country where sanitary conditions that we consider normal are enough to let you know that most of the adults are not publicly informed about things our children know at the age that they can talk. They don’t know how to wait in line, park, drive, or conduct themselves in public. They supposedly work so hard, but they spend most of their money on beer on payday, so I am supposed to spend my taxes to supplement their income, according to some of the politicians. I hope someone let’s him hear this sentiment and remind him to mind his own business unless he knows what he is talking about. I invite him to invite several of them to come stay in his neighborhood, living 14 in a one bedroom apartment and trashing everything in sight. When he wakes to the sound of Mariachi Music each morning and has to walk across broken glass and garbage to get to his car, he would see what some of us who actually do live with them in our neighborhoods do.

  46. I want to ask if anyone else considers his humor actually political or if he just tries to rewrite his act to make it sound like he is politically aware. He went from ghetto, talking about “going home” reminding when “black folks” saved grease under the kitchen sink and drank Koolaid. In those days, everyone did that chit, it was a depression era habit. He seems to be saying that now that he is successful that he can look back at his own upbringing as the hillarious old days. Now, a few months later he is funny politically? I don’t think so. He should have stuck to talking about fish grease.

  47. I have one question…when is this show going tobe cancelled? its an insult to mankind and DL should be ashamed of himself, maybe he is all about the dollar and not concerned about his career.

  48. DL Hughley gives black people a bad name. Regressive and ignorant, certainly a stark contrast to regular CNN programming. Totally unfunny – exactly why everything he touches sours. Why sink more money into an insensitive and unfunny moron who has failed at everything he has ever done? The only reason he excels occasionally on Bill Maher is because he’s an obnoxious and loud self-proclaimed liberal – the kind of guy who can’t keep talking without prompted applause breaks. Obama is all about transcending race. Not ignoring it, but taking it to a new and more educated level – a ‘learn from one’s past mistakes’ approach. Hughley seems content to dredge up the stuff that made racism unpalatable and present it in a remarkably insulting and unfunny manner, unlike similar race-comedians like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, or even Russell Peters who make a mockery of the complete inanity and ridiculousness of racism. CNN prides itself on a lack of bias, then introduces this polarizing and completely era-inappropriate garbage. Its regressive – the kind of stuff which breeds the hate racism stems from. DL – go away.

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