Now is the time…..

If there was a time that America especially African Americans need stand up and vote for change, it is now.  The ATF is confirming that they broke up 2 skinheads (one pictured above)  that was plotting to kill Obama and decapitate over 100 African Americans in Tennessee.  

During the entire campaign, Obama and his camp have tried to stay nuetral when it came to race.  No matter how many times he was threatened because of the color of his skin.  During the last debate, Obama called out McCain for the types of comments people at his rallies weremaking (Off with his head, kill Obama, Rally).  McCain’s responsewas that Obama rallies, he has seen t-shirts talking about him.  But I guaranteeyou that these t-shirts that McCain saw were not rooted in racism. 

It is 2008 and there are people who still think that black people are inferior; that we are some sort of subculture who are not patriotic.  Look how the GOP and their supporters have dropped code words about Obama such as ‘Pallin around with terrorists’ or ‘Anti-American views’  All of these things feed into the ignorant portion of this country who would plot to murder a fellow American and decapitate people solely based on the color of their skin.  And McCain had the nerve to demand that Congressman John Lewis apologize for his comments about how the GOP race has turned ugly and how it was reminiscent of the racism he faced during the Civil Right’s Movement. 

Americans need to stand up and wake up! Obama supporters need to vote and spread the message of change!!!


ATF disrupts skinhead plot to assassinate Obama


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  1. Your an Idiot if u vote for Obama he will run this country even further in the ground hes not even a real american. He wont hold his hand over his heart during pledge of alligence took the american flag off his plane and even worse hes a muslim.
    Dam news people keep pushing Obama but its hard to find someone in the street thats going to vote for him all them dam polls and ive never been asked ..Have You?? its all B.S come Nov.2 the truth will come out… Good Christans wont vote for him

  2. I am glad that you commented; it backs up my point of how some people are ignorant. Obama is not Muslim and he is not Anit-American like many in the GOP and their supporters are suggesting.

  3. To comment on Spacekowboy…..just to show how bright you think you are the election day is Nov 4 not the 2nd. yeah you would look real stupid…which you already do….showing up on a sunday to vote…lol..i have taken advantage of the early voting this week (not weekend) but maybe you should really do some research on the candidates before you go to the polls..and i don’t know where you live but where i live everyone is voting for Obama. on my college campus and in my neighborhood McCain supporters are very hard to come by. They try to get their message out but no one cares. when i graduate next year i would like to have health benefits, a real job that requires a degree, and a growing economy so that i can thrive. I don’t want to be living in the middle class and have all by money taken from me in taxes to support America while corporation executives sit back and watch their 6 figure salaries get larger while min gets smaller. No Thanx
    Obama ’08

  4. Oh yeah and for anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year or doesn’t have healthcare coverage or has a family member serving in the pointless “war” (which I have two: my brother and my cousin) and doesn’t vote for Obama…you have to be a fool….he’s the change we need…people have to stop going off emotion and read the facts. I consider myself and Independent and I personally feel he is the best candidate.

  5. Spacekowboy is a fool. Like Colin Powell said, Obama is not a Muslim, but if he were, it shouldn’t be an issue. Muslims are American soldiers too, and are dying in these wars along with the Christians, Jews, and atheists. We have plenty of flag waving, hand-over-the-heart, so-called “Christians” who have done nothing but run the country into the ground.

  6. Although I agree that voting is important. Let’s not be so naive to think that, by voting for Obama, we will somehow eradicate racism from our country. Come next Wednesday, those people who were ignorant on Monday will still be ignorant. Those who are racist will still be racist.

    I’m an Obama supporter, but I’m voting for his ability to do what is best for our country. Of course, I’m confident that he will be a great improvement over George Bush. However, we should alI understand and accept the fact that Obama’s perceived greatness will not change everything.

  7. Afripino: You are right on the money. I just want people to know how important it is to vote because they are trying to scare people by using violence and ignorance. If Obama gets elected I think racism will increase. The most recent incident is evidence of that.

    If Obama is elected, it will mean that people will have to start doing more than what they have been doing. That means getting being active in local politics and being active in their communities. The real change will have to come from the people who put him in office, not Obama himself per say.

  8. There is an old saying. When a man is making a fool of himself…get out of the way and let him do it. Spacekowboy1965 made a fool of himself and it good for everyone to see his ignorance on display

    Americans need to stand up and wake up! Obama supporters need to vote and spread the message of change!!!

    Amen bro! Call your friends! Call your family! Call Gilbert Arenas! Get everyone to get out and vote

    The real change will have to come from the people who put him in office, not Obama himself per say.

    I couldn’t agree more. Each of us will have a role in making this country a better place on a local level and our circles of influence. When/if Obama wins, I hope that we can come up with a list of things that each of us can do to improve our communities

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