Will you help Barack Obama change America?


When I woke up this morning I turned on the T.V. to confirm that I had not dreamed what took place last night.  The 44th President of the United States has been selected by the people; Barack Obama.  This is historic for all Americans regardless of race.  But this is only the beginning; and there is much work that needs to be done.  The world is in crisis, and we need to focus on the economic and foreign relations issues that the outgoing administration screwed up.

I saw many faces of the older black generation; the emotion was overwhelming.  Obama stands on the shoulders of many black people who fought and died for their civil rights and freedom in this country.  I saw people in my generation and younger who now believe that they can do anything they put their minds too.  No one thought that they would see this happen; but it did.  America has spoken. 

The ‘change’ that Obama speaks of

Now is the time to get more politically involved in local politics.  We must become engaged because all politics are local.  It starts from the bottom up.  Obama becoming President is not going to solve the problems that we face in our communities.  To help Obama fulfill his message of change, we need to change our mentality and how we treat and deal with each other.  Many first time voters need to understand this;  Voting for Obama is not enough; you must change your perception and mindset and become active in your community.  This is the type of ‘Change’ that Obama was talking about. 

In the black community we are celebrating this historic movement; but once the partying stops, we need to step up and accept the challenge of change that Obama speaks of.  Colin Powell was interviewed on CNN this morning and he emphasized that Obamawas an agent of change; he ran as a candidate for change who happened to be African American.  I could not agree with him more.  Obama is not the first black President; he is the first President of the United States who happens to be black.  We must keep this mind as move forward in a time in our country that has many challanges ahead of us.

Barack Obama’s Speech


10 Responses

  1. In my opinion there was no way Obama couldn’t win. People were so fed up with Republicans that there was no way a Republican could win. I even believe that if things were different and Obama was a Republican, he would have lost. America has spoken.

  2. My humble musical letter to president Obama


  3. I have been trying to think of a reply to this post, and I can’t think of anything really appropriate. This election — the victory of Obama — is a victory for the whole country. Bigotry didn’t die the other night, but it got the shit kicked out of it.

  4. Thank you!

  5. I will definitely help. This is definitely the time to get involved with the PTA and your local government.
    He was the one that opened the door now we need to walk in with all our brothers and sisters of all races to make this possible.

  6. Native Son have you heard stories from folks who haven’t been able to talk about the election?

    I’m asking folks to post stories here

  7. I’m down…I suggest each of us begin to post ways that we can begin to help in our local communities. Hopefully it will go viral and we can make the change we need together

  8. Native..Yes you are so right. Obama’s victory was one for blacks, but even at this juncture, we all must fight harder than ever.

    If our people got involved in their respective communities as they turned out en masse at tha polls, we could do wonders.

  9. Tariq,

    We can all start small with the most humble things and work our way up. Heck..keeping our communities clean, being a Big Brother or Big Sister, block marches, crime watches..the list is endless.

  10. I stayed up late and watched the results come in. It was great. I never thought I’d see the day. I wish my mother had been alive to see it. She said that we wouldn’t have peace until everybody was a nice coffee colour. When I was a tiny kid she told me that people come in different colours, just like horses.

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