What are they afraid of?

As the world celebrates a new President, there are many who are acting out in ways that are reminiscent of the Jim Crow era.  Racism Rears Its Head in European Remarks on Obama.  History has manifested itself as some white people are afraid that Barack Obama will somehow be the downfall of western civilization. 

In the state of Maryland, there has been an increase of gun permit applications since Obama won the election.  Why is that?  One reason I heard is that President Elect Obama and the Democrats are going to stop people from owning guns (which is false because the 2nd Amendment and the recent supreme Court Decision involving the District).  I believe the real reason for this increased paranoia is because Obama is black.  The fear that black people will take over the country and reek havoc on white people is not some new prejudice or behavior; it is merely history repeating itself.

I know that 61 percent of Obama voters were white; so it is not these people who I am concerned with; it is those white people who after Obama was elected, started acting out in ways that my grandmother said she remembers as a young adult all too well. 

Teen says he was beaten by ‘Obama’ haters

NAACP to meet with N.C. State chancellor over racist graffiti

Congressman sorry for likening Obama to Hitler

What are these people afraid of?  The people who voted for change will not allow this ignorance to dominate our society.  We are not going back in history; we are moving forward!

HOPE WON this time!


2 Responses

  1. It gets much worse than what you mentioned above. A Georgia Congressman is claiming that Obama is going to implement a Stalinist state, an Austin, TX school board member actually said that he is planning a terror attack.

    Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are already blaming him for the bad economy – facts be damned

  2. t.b.e. (to be expected)

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