MLK Memorial

I found this article and I want to get your take on it.  The Chief Architect of the King Memorial Ed Jackson, Jr. said that he was removing a portion of Dr. Kings speech from the memorial.  According to the AP:

Architect Ed Jackson Jr. presented the memorial’s design and explained why they chose to remove a passage from the “I Have a Dream” speech in which King declared, “We have come to cash this check” to establish equal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Some have used the passage in arguing for monetary reparations for slavery.

Jackson said they decided against using the passage because of its focus on the racial divide between blacks and whites.

“For future generations, it should represent all Americans,” Jackson said. “We also felt that in the year 2050, this whole thing about black and white, won’t even exist.”

What is your take on this?

3 Responses

  1. Well, I have to disagree with that “By 2050” bit,,,

  2. If that is what he said- leave it. This has nothing to do with blck/ wht anything… but with the greeny-green! Everyone’s sorry, but NO ONE WANTS TO PAY.

  3. This is wrong! The MLK Memorial should be a testament to who King was…not our idealized version who we want him to be. If King saw fit to include those words in his speech during a time when the racial divide in America was correlated with violence who are they to censure his speech now? I understand compromises are often made to achieve/build great things, but this is too far.

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