Can’t put a price on History

I have been excited about Obama’s election and how good it feels that he will become the 44th President of the United States who happens to be African American, but I am not putting $11,000 on plastic that I can not afford to pay off in a few months.   I know that this is a historic event, but I think some people are going to attempt to do it up like some of us normally do with no damn money in the bank; which means credit cards.  I don’t have a problem with people spending money, but only if they can afford it!! 
Any opinions on this piece?

2 Responses

  1. I think the last thing P.E. Obama wants is for people to get into additional debt. Instead of running up credit, work harder towards paying those accounts off. Even if you have 11 grand to spend, it would be much better used towards helping the less fortunate. If people want to celebrate, get together at the church or rent a hall in your local hometown.

  2. Warren I don’t believe this is a comment,but a request I need you to direct me to a Attorney on two different issues,wrongful firing then stage a nasty lie to cover nasty behavior. However by doing this she tarnish my work history with a lie.
    First case is a senior care agencyt.
    Second I work on a job that gives a black person any regard to excel them within the company,and is allowed to show discrimination and dare you to speak up against their unruly behavior.If you need additional information please give me a call at 773-870-3261 .
    Second business is a retail store.

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