Will change ever come?

This story was in the Baltimore Examiner.  How do we combat this sub-culture of ignorance and lack of self-respect that some of our youth have?  This young girls are laughing at someone getting robbed at gun point as if they were watching a sitcom on TV.  We are weeks away from the first President of the United States who is of African American decent and we have to deal with ignorant stuff like this?  We need change right now, and Obama can’t do it alone. 

Read the story here


2 Responses

  1. i think they were in on it somehow.

  2. Good morning Nartive. Listen man change will not come by itself. The reason why this behavior continues is because african americans refused to grow up and develope themselves. Our interest and behaviors are still immature, it is time for us to grow up, but it is also way past time for people who know whats going on to get involved.

    Bill Cosby was absolutely right.

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