President Obama handles the people’s business

President Obama gave his first address to the American people in front of a joint session of Congress last night (Obama outlines ambitious agenda for ‘lasting prosperity’).  I think he gave a compelling speech explaining what his policies will do for working Americans.  I am concerned as to how we are going to pay for this, but have confidence that our President will explore all options as he attempts to tackle a historic national debt and bad economy.

The Republican response was rather interesting.  Louisiana Governor Jindal appears to be the party’s new ‘shinning star’ (Jindal calls stimulus ‘irresponsible’ in GOP response).  There are clearly huge philosophical differences between the Democrats and Republicans on how to move this country forward.  I was not sure who Governor Jindal was targeting, but it was not the average American. 

He started his response by acknowledging the historic accomplishment that this country made by electing the first President of the United States who is of color.   He then talked about his own experience; his parents came to the U.S. form India.  His mother was pregnant with him and his family could not afford to pay the hospital bill.  His father and the doctor worked out a payment plan and according to the Governor; never missed a payment. 

I am not sure why he mentioned that his dad never missed a payment.  I wonder what would have happened if his dad missed a payment?   They couldn’t take him from his parents or force him back into his mother’s womb.  What was he trying to say to the thousands of Americans have to file for bankruptcy or loose their homes because they could not afford to pay their medical bills?  Was he trying to warn these people never to miss a payment?

Governor Jindal is lucky that a doctor or hospital agreed to an affordable payment plan.  Jindal was born in 1971;  I wonder how successful an African American family would have been in trying to establish a payment plan for a hospital bill in Louisiana in 1971?  If anything, his story reinforces Obama’s call for health care reform right now!

The part of Governor Jindal’s response that was really misleading was his comments about Hurricane Katrina.  He used Katrina as an example of how government bureaucracy and big government is not good.  He claimed that a sheriff could no deploy boats to rescue people because of insurance concerns.  He and the sheriff decided to ignore the request and deployed boats to rescue people. 

I don’t know what part of Louisiana he was speaking of,  but he clearly wasn’t talking about the 9th Ward or New Orleans; we saw people trapped on top of houses and in the Dome; no one came to save them. 

In addition, Governor Jindal failed to mention that it was his party’s Presidential Administration who mishandled the Katrina recovery.  The problem was not that government was too big to handle Katrina, it was that the people who were in charge of running Government didn’t know what they were doing.

President Obama’s vision for this country is huge.  Some doubt his methods, but one thing that this country is known for is dreaming and accomplishing big things;  I believe that we can succeed.


Jack Johnson puts property tax proposal on ‘hold’

I was reading the Gazette this morning and  read an article that County Executive Jack Johnson is now putting his property tax increase proposal on ‘hold’  Proposed Prince George’s tax increase put on hold.  According to Johnson’s Chief of Staff, they want to research and explore other options of generating revenue.   You would think  that Johnson would have explored all possible options before bringing up an increase of property taxes.  I did not vote for Johnson in the last county election (I wrote in Rushern Baker’s name) and I can not wait fo his term to be over.

Jack Johnson considering running for state office

It appears that Jack Johnson may try his luck running for state office; Governor of Maryland to be exact (Johnson mulls run for state office).  I will let the readers discuss this one…..



Ny Post Cartoon

President Obama’s economic team constructed this stimulus package.  They have been working on this package since he was President Elect; before he was sworn in.  President Obama’s economic team gave the framework of the package to Congress for them to hash it out; but the majority of the bill is from President Obama’s econ team.

How often do we forget our history on how images like the one that we saw in the NY Post have been used to stereotype and degrade black people.   And for any person to say that this was a swipe at Congress and not President Obama is mistaken.

As you may have read, this week U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made a comment at the Dept of Justice’s Black History Month Program that Americans are cowards when it comes to discussing race in this country.  He didn’t make those comments for kicks, he was responding to how this country has and still does have a problem with race; in light of the fact that for the first time in American History we have a President and U.S. Attorney General of color.

They say that black people are ‘too sensitive’, ‘playing the race card’, ‘always complaining’ or ‘should get over it’.  Some people even believe that because this country elected President Obama, that racism is magically supposed to disappear and that discrimination is a thing of the past.  This mind set falls under cultural conditioning. It is so common in our society that people subconsciously don’t realize it.

1 Year Later; 210 Street Racing Deaths

This is a sad story for everyone involved.  it has been 1 year since the tragic street racing accident on route 210.   I still have issues with what happened.

Spectators gathered on a busy state highway where people can reach speeds of 70 mph+.  Some of the spectators had small children with them.  It is one thing for an adult to put themselves in danger, but to put a child in harms way is wrong. 

Many of the family members blamed the persons who were racing; they are only partly responsible, the spectators who put themselves in harms way are also responsible.  My heart goes out to all of the families who lost loved ones but these senseless deaths could have been avoided.

Basketball Brawl

This makes no sense what so ever. Every child involved in this fight should be suspended and forced to do community service.   All of their parents should be fined as well. I know people are against holding parents responsible but this is just crazy;  and not to mention it is Black History Month!

High School Basketball Brawl

Courtland Milloy’s Post Editorial

Folks who voted for Jack Johnson are getting what they voted for.  I voted for Rushurn Baker…. 

Where’s the Justice for Swindled Kids?

President Bush’s farewell visit to Iraq

You know it’s time to roll out when people are launching shoes at you.   

I hope the White House spokeswoman recovers from her injuries. … Ouch

Video Clip

Bush: Iraq war is not over, more work ahead