First the NY Post; now this….


They couldn’t even wait for Black History Month to be over……..

First the NY post and its racist cartoon picture and now this (Mayor is criticized for White House watermelon patch e-mail). I am afraid that it is going to get worse. There is a segment of America that can’t accept that for the first time in the history of our country that the people have elected a President who is of color. Some people argue that Civil Rights and community activist leaders are spending too much time and effort with the NY Post issue; but as you can see there is a lot of cultural conditioning that is taking place and the people who are displaying their ignorance need to be called out.


GOP’s Rising star; fail to shine giving GOP response

So I wasn’t the only one who thought that is response to President Obama’s economic plan (Republicans, Democrats criticize Jindal’s speech)  Where were his advisors or staff when he composed this speech?  Did Michael Steele see Jindal’s response in advance?  Someone high up in the GOP ranks had to have read this before they put him on prime time; or did they?

Will you help Barack Obama change America?


When I woke up this morning I turned on the T.V. to confirm that I had not dreamed what took place last night.  The 44th President of the United States has been selected by the people; Barack Obama.  This is historic for all Americans regardless of race.  But this is only the beginning; and there is much work that needs to be done.  The world is in crisis, and we need to focus on the economic and foreign relations issues that the outgoing administration screwed up.

I saw many faces of the older black generation; the emotion was overwhelming.  Obama stands on the shoulders of many black people who fought and died for their civil rights and freedom in this country.  I saw people in my generation and younger who now believe that they can do anything they put their minds too.  No one thought that they would see this happen; but it did.  America has spoken. 

The ‘change’ that Obama speaks of

Now is the time to get more politically involved in local politics.  We must become engaged because all politics are local.  It starts from the bottom up.  Obama becoming President is not going to solve the problems that we face in our communities.  To help Obama fulfill his message of change, we need to change our mentality and how we treat and deal with each other.  Many first time voters need to understand this;  Voting for Obama is not enough; you must change your perception and mindset and become active in your community.  This is the type of ‘Change’ that Obama was talking about. 

In the black community we are celebrating this historic movement; but once the partying stops, we need to step up and accept the challenge of change that Obama speaks of.  Colin Powell was interviewed on CNN this morning and he emphasized that Obamawas an agent of change; he ran as a candidate for change who happened to be African American.  I could not agree with him more.  Obama is not the first black President; he is the first President of the United States who happens to be black.  We must keep this mind as move forward in a time in our country that has many challanges ahead of us.

Barack Obama’s Speech

Calling out Gilbert Arenas

Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves right now.  I know everyone is entitled to their opinions but it pisses me off to see or hear black folk who are choosing not to vote. 

Gilbert Arenas from the Washington Wizards attempts to give his arguments as to why he doesn’t vote.  He even had the ridiculous excuse that he is not registered to vote because he does not want to do jury duty.  Unbelievable; I guess he really doesn’t care about those black folk who fought and died for his spoiled ass to enjoy being in the upper class.  I don’t know what it is going to take for some of my people to wake up.

CNN + Comedy News + D.L. Hughley = Not funny


When I first heard that CNN was creating a comedy news show, I thought that it was unnecessary but most cable networks have them.  When I heard they selected D.L. Hughley, I cringed.  2 weeks before the most important historic election, CNN decides to air a political comedy news show featuring one of the most corny, polarizing comedians.  The race jokes are not funny and I can’t believe that they gave him a show. 

The show was ‘Coontastic’ in content.  The pimp clip with Freedie Mack and Fannie Mae and the Sammy Davis Jr. porkchop clip were deplorable.

Obama, more than any candidate has had to jump hoops and hurdles to prove that he is an American, a Christian and that he loves his country.  We still have a portion of America who beleives that Obama is a terrorist; they believe that he is an Arab and that he will bring America down to its knees.  This election has shown how some people in American are ignorant to people that do not look like them.  CNN has covered stories about this problem yet they decide to give D.L. Hughley a comedy news show? 

CNN is pulling out their ‘big rolodex’ to book people to be on the show but the chemistry is not there.  You can tell the guest are on edge and the audience laughs with hesitation.  For each (some what) intelligent question or comment Hughley makes, he voids it out by saying something ignorant. 

Is CNN trying to set Obama up?  I swear it seems like it…lol

How many of you have seen the show?  what do you think?  I have no intention on watching his show again and hope it is canceled soon.  D.L. Hughley is not funny; at all…. Sorry Hughley fans, just my take on it.. 

DL Huhley Clip 1

DL Hughley Clip 2

Powell Endorses Obama


Gen Colin Powell sets the record straight on why he is endorsing Sen Barack Obama; and it makes sense. Click on the link and listen to the video of clip of why he is supporting Obama.

Barack Obama works with McCain Roast

Barack Obama Takes Center Stage