GOP’s Rising star; fail to shine giving GOP response

So I wasn’t the only one who thought that is response to President Obama’s economic plan (Republicans, Democrats criticize Jindal’s speech)  Where were his advisors or staff when he composed this speech?  Did Michael Steele see Jindal’s response in advance?  Someone high up in the GOP ranks had to have read this before they put him on prime time; or did they?


Stimulus Package

I am really growing tired of our elected officials on both sides of the fence playing with the American people.  Just tell the truth!  The reason why our economy is suffering is because of the policies set by this administration.  Outsourcing has ripped a whole in the American workforce.  

A stimulus package is only a small band-aid to our problems.  Until new policy is created that will address corporate America’s greed and how the wealthy have taken advantage of this to maximize wealth by any means necessary; and the middle class and working class American is paying dearly for it.

Some of us maybe getting anywhere from $600- $1200 in the form of rebate checks.  That is not going to get someones house out of foreclosure (Foreclosures up 75% in 2007).  This is not going to make it easier for middle class families to send their children to college.  You may be able to pay 1 bill, others may blow it on material things that  they don’t need and a very few may actually save it.  Whatever category you fall in, will this stimulus package really work?  Some say it’s a start, I say it is a weak attempt to pacify the working an middle class.