“Crash” the movie on Oprah and the “N” word

For those of you who missed Oprah on Thursday, it was a good one.  The cast from the movie "Crash" was on stage.  The name of the show was "Are you a Racist?"  Well it came to a point where the question was asked about the "N" word.  Oprah pointed out that she thinks the word should not be used and it should be excluded from our vocabulary.  I agree with her.  But Don Cheadle and Terrence Howard really disappointed me. (I was not concerned with Ludacris because I am not a big fan of his most of his lyrics are ignorant anyways…lol)  Here you have two educated, seasoned actors and they both said they had no problem using the word, because they have taking the negative out of it and made it positive.  Oprah still insisted that there is too much pain and hatred behind the word and every time she hears it it reminds of her of Mississippi where blacks were lynched. 

I will take it further to say as an educated  African American male I was pissed off that these two men of color sat on national television and said that since they pronounce the word "Nigga" instead of "Nigger"  that it is different and don't have a problem with it.  Ar you kidding me??? just because you change the "er" to "ga" doesn't change the meaning.  then Terrence and Don went on to say that white people can not use the word.  I have to give it Oprah, because her response to that was "Okay, you are confusing everyone with the "er" versus "ga" thing we should stop using the world all together."  then Ludarics really could not say anything because he uses the word all in his music.  His only comment was: "everyone is entitled to their opinion." I just wish that we would understand that the "N" word needs to be put to rest in honor of our ancestors who to hear it day in and day out!!!


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  1. I think that people need to stop making excuses as to why they use the word. It is racist no matter how you look at it. All this crap about the difference between using “er’ versus “ga” is ridiculous. Either way it is bad. I have decided that I am not going to use the word anymore. I do not agree with most things Oprah says, but I have to agree with her on this. It is too confusing to try and keep up with all that, so lets just stop saying it.

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