More Cosby Criticism

I am really tired of people bashing Bill Cosby.  It is ok to disagree with him.  But this obsession of attacking him constantly is quite annoying; especially Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.  And it is not fair for the writer of this article to even compare Cosby to Ridley. 

His message may have been harsh, but it is not because he is beating up on poor black people.  If this was the case, why are people still going to hear him speak.  And the audience he is addressing are poor black people.  What Dr. Dyson and others who share his views fail to realize that Cosby is not going around the country demeaning poor black people, he is motivating them and even exposing them to programs which will help them.  Dr. Dyson keeps complaining that Cosby is blaming poor black people instead of the racial and systemic racism that exists in this country.  I feel Cosby is trying to convey the message that even though racism still exists in this country, you have to have a plan to overcome the obstacles and education is key.  


2 Responses

  1. Racism has been going on in this country for centuries. In the 20th century racism didn’t stop black folks for fighting for our rights. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents kept going on despite racism. Today it seems like black folks have gotten lazy and want to blame everyone but us. Break a nail, blame whites. Stub your toe blame whites. Black girls have kids at a young age, blame whites. Blacks killing blacks, blame whites. When will the madness stop and we look at ourselves for a change.

  2. Bill Cosby is an exceptional man with outstanding abilities. If at his old age after hard work and determination of making that difference, giving support and scholarships. Now he finds his people not acting in a way to make that difference for themselves and for there kids he will really feel upset about it. Especially when the opportunities are there to be educated. It is obvious that he will feel let down. If Eric did not understand that fact that bill just wants something good for his people and the rest of the world to follow his postive action and comments, then i think Eric should stay silent and not say a word.

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