Baggy pants debate continues

This is a touchy subject and has people up in arms.  Banning baggy pants  is not the answer.  As much as I hate to see it, that is not going to change young people and the adults who wear their pants 4 times their waist size.  It wouldn’t be so bad if people’s boxers were not being exposed and have to constantly see people pulling their pants up every 10 seconds because they literally can’t walk in them.

Another problem is you have grown ass men who wear their pants hanging off their asses!!  I am 32 y/o, and never once did I think about buying or wearing pants that were too big for me. 

So what do we do about this?  Should government tell parents how to raise their children, or should parents be responsible for that.  Read what one father, Lionel had to say about the baggy pants debate:  Click here

My sons and I wear baggy pants,” he says. “We should be able to wear whatever we want.”

Ugh…I hate when grown ass people act like children. 

Lionel is father and no one wants to see his pants hanging off his butt or see his boxers.  Then he takes a step further by describing how showing your boxers is apart of the baggy pants outfit.  it is obvious that this brother is ignorant. 

The cool way to wear baggy pants is with boxer shorts: plaids, prints. An un-cool way to wear baggy pants is with tighty-whities, briefs. That’s a no-no,” Lionel says.

Am I being judgemental? Yes I am.  I wonder if he is teaching his sons how to be responsible young men.  If he encourages them to read and become educated, instead of coordinating match boxers with baggy pants.  I am not saying that if you wear baggy pants you can’t be educated, but you can not get a job wearing your pants like that. 

A lot of our parents use to wear clothing 2 sizes bigger because they could not afford to keep buying clothes.  In jail inmates use to wear baggy pants because they didn’t have belts or had to wear whatever sizes the prison had at the time.  So how is wearing baggy pants a fashion statement?   

This just goes to show that as much as I don’t agree with government telling people how to raise their children, something has to give because when you have parents like Lionel, who is describing what kind of boxers you should display with baggy pants it’s hard to swallow… just my opinion…


America’s Best!!

Look at how how well the Bush Administration’s No Child Left Behind Act is really changing America… lol

Flavor of Love: Causes black people to be further marginalized

I want to thank Flavor Flav for his coonish show which has now lead to this.  Becky Buckwild, the trashy looking girl from Flavor of Love and  Monique’s Charm School on VH-1, participated in a racist radio program game show.  The name of the game was called “Know the Negro” This radio show host had white and asian guys call the show and Becky Buckwild had to determine which guy was really black.  The content was racialy offensive.  I am tired of people underestimating, undervaluing and marginaling black people!! Especially when our own do it to ourselves!!!!

How Bob Johnson uses the billions black people made for him

After years of marignalzing black people at BET (Bootleg Entertainment Television), Bob Johnson has moved on to create a film production company; Our Stories Films.  It is supposed to be a place where black people actually have the power to green light a movie.  Read this excerpt from the article:

Our Stories’ objective is to release family-friendly comedies with African American leads in the $10 million to $15 million budget range. Many have probed, “Why just comedies?” It’s a valid question. African Americans are more than just laughs. Yet it’s also easy to comprehend the company’s business strategy. In recent years, comedies featuring African Americans have been some of industry’s most successful. From the Wayan’s brothers Scary Movie hits, the Barbershop franchise, Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s House franchise and the Tyler Perry films, urban comedies make money. Family-friendly films can also stock at Wal-Mart once they go to DVD. Plus, Johnson has never wavered about who he is first and foremost—a businessman.

Sighhhhh- It’s so sad to see a black man sell out his own people for profit; espeically after he all ready made a fortune off of us from BET………. 

Johnson hired Tracey Edmunds to head up the company.  You know Tracey Edmunds; the sister who was married to Babyface and brought us the movie Soul Food.  After she sucked us in with such a great movie, she punched us in the face with the bootleg reality show College Hill; which instead of showing the positive aspects of back youth pursing higher education at HBCUs; she opted to show the most dysfuunctional misguided people she could find. 

Well the first movie these 2 trailblazers gave the green light to was ‘Who’s your Caddy?’  Here is a synopsis of the movie:

Superstar rap mogul C-Note runs into fierce opposition when he tries to join the super stuffy Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club. Undeterred, C-Note gets the brilliant idea to buy the land adjacent to the golf club’s 17th hole, which he cleverly leverages to gain membership. C-Note’s crew wreaks havoc as they bring their larger-than-life style to the club. As the club’s hoighty-toighty leadership desperately tries to revoke C-Note’s membership, our hero realizes that his family’s honor–and secret record-breaking golf history–is at stake. As he takes on the fight of his life, C-Note pulls out all the stops to bring down the club’s backwards establishment and welcome them to the 21st century.


This was the first movie Johnson and Edmunds gave the green light to?  Are you kidding me?

Even when we have the power to green light our own movies, we get it wrong. Was this supposed make a lot of money?  Johnson said that he would make comedies that cost between 10-15 million dollars because that’s what black folk like to do; laugh laugh laugh (even at our expense it seems if we follow his formula).  Well guess what?  ‘Who’s your Caddy?’ debut at #10 and only pulled in only 3.5 million dollars!!!!

Tracey Edmunds said that she wants to make sure that they produce films that show black people in a positive light?  Really?  And who’s your Caddy was the best way to do this?

Bob Johnson is a complete sell out.  He can’t use the excuse anymore that BET showed rap videos and infomercials 24/7 to make money for his then struggling black cable network; he is a billionaire now!!

This would have been a perfect chance for Johnson to highlight the stories and movies of black film makers who actually have something to say, but you opted once again on the side of making money and it didn’t work. 

Black people are tired of being marginalzied and typecast in music and entertainement; especially when the culprit is one of our own.  We all saw what happened to Imus, and the show Hot Ghetto Mess on BET; black people are not having it anymore.   

Since Johnson is a business man first, and is obviously in it to make money at our expense, I decided to hit him where it hurts; his Pocket!!  I opted not to waste my time or money to see his movie.  And from the looks of it; other black people didn’t waste their time as well.

P.S. Here are reviews from some of the people who actually took a chance on this movie:

by free2rummage

Well to all those people who think it’s only white people who hate this movie think again. I’m black and I think this movie was garbage. Tired old jokes. . .fart jokes? Blinged out rappers causing trouble? Aren’t we beyond this? This was Soul Plane on a golf course. Nothing else. It will only appeal to those people of any color with the simplest of intelligence. This would have been funny 20 years ago when gangsta rap first burst on the scene, but even 50 cent today knows how to conduct himself not only on the stage but also in the boardroom. FYI. . .to those who loved the movie and think people hate it because it’s a “black” movie – the writers and director of this movie were all white. It’s just a bad movie period. We can do better. . .LOVE JONES, BROWN SUGAR, ATL, LOVE AND BASKETBALL, SOUL FOOD to name JUST a few.

Really really bad
by mhreview
If you go see this one, be ready for crude comedy. Rap superstar C-Note runs into big time opposition when he tries to join the super stuffy Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club. Not to be denied, C-Note gets the brilliant idea to buy the land next to the 17th hole, and try to gain membership. Bottom line, you have to be in the mood for crude, raunchy, bad comedy with tons of negative stereotyping. Not worth your money…skip it.

by raptor22_02

Honestly, watching the previews for this was awful enough, but actually getting dragged to this pathetic, land based, version of soul plane was damn near capital punishment! The ony reason I didn’t rate the direction a failure was because if I was the director I would have killed myself. This guy actually lived through it all. The plot you ask? Black guy doesn’t get his way, finds a way to weasle his way into a golf club, finds out he’s the next tiger woods, and shows whitey how to keep it real through blasting rap music and attching spinners to a golf cart. Someone should have taken a club against “C-note”‘s head and ended the world’s misery. If your looking for a reason to finnaly kill yourself, watch this movie. Trust me, it’ll make you loose all faith in mankind.

Level of Ignorance
by davidfamilyman
You can tell by the grammar and spelling used by the people who gave this movie positive reviews the level of ignorance it takes to enjoy this movie.

Entertaining my A**
by pailoong

I went into this movie with a group of friends with a certain expectation. I knew it wasn’t going to be comedy gold, but I thought it would at least provide some material for contextual humor at the bar. God, was I wrong.
This movie is nothing but light banter interspersed with hundreds of “oh no he di’n” moments that barely pass for a movie, let alone entertainment.
This kind of movie only appeals to a certain group of people, and that’s not a racist comment about this being a “black movie” (what does that mean, anyway?). Anybody in their right wouldn’t see this movie and I have a dream that one day, all of God’s children will be spared this kind of drivel.

What chu’ talkin’ ’bout cracker?
by monaymonroe

Yes, my title is catchy isn’t it? Just like this movie. Matter of fact, the movie could have used the same title I used for this review. I don’t understand why anyone would make this kind of feeble entertainment unless it’s used to recruit new members for the KKK. Am I to understand that BIG BOI of Outkast, “Big Worm” from FRIDAY and Brian from EVE wanted an acting job so bad, they would settle for playing the roles of the “jive talking negro”? And the rest of the cast, they saw this as a good idea to partake in? Why does Hollywood think it can bank on Hip-Hop stars lack of intelligence and choice of ignorance? Why does Hollywood believe that the only way to reach a black audience is through black musicians? I wonder, in 2008 are we still “singin’ an’ dancin” for “mister”? How come Musicians who chose to be actors never seem to take the job seriously? How come Hollywood refuse’s to make more entertaining movies? Does Hollywood even take itself seriously? Apparently not. I know I’ll never be an actress since all the good roles aren’t even in the movies anymore. I don’t know when Hollywood will decide to rely upon good ole’ fashioned talent again but when they do, I’ll be right there.

Isaiah Washington Opens up in Newsweek Magazine Interview

Isaiah Washington is claiming that racism played a part in his firing.  Some staff member claimed that some people were afraid of his presence. 

When this first broke, Washington claimed he never called T.R. Knight the F word.  Then he issued an apology and said he would reach out to the gay and lesbian community and seek help.  if he did all of that, then doesn’t that mean that he did call T.R. Knight the F-word?

Now after ABC not renewing his contract, he is claiming that racism played a role in his firing. 

I don’t know Washington, or what went on that set, but there is another black man and woman left on the show and they seem to be doing fine.  And let’s not forget that the shows creator and head writer is a sister as well.  So I am going to take a leap on this one and say, that his firing was not because of racism. 

Black Reality TV

Am I being too critical?  Am I being paranoid or is I love the New York, The Flavor of Love and College Hill the most ignorant relaity shows on television? 

A friend called me Sunday night an told me to turn to VH-1; and what did I see?  I saw what looked liked like the Jerry Springer Show.  But it wasn’t, it was the I love New York Reunion.  When I watch shows like Flavor of Love and I love NY it reminds me so much of Spike Lee’s movie Bamboozled.  It furthered bothered me that co-workers sat around the water cooler and actually had in depth conversations about how funny the show was.  Maybe I just take things too seriously.  Maybe I need to chill out….


Okay what was Barb Walters thinking when she said this?  I would like to think that she meant no harm, but it is all about delivery and who you are talking to.  What do you think?
I found this on this one sista’s website.  I heard that on the Steve Harvey Show that Mo’Noniqe said that she will probably not being asked back on the view because during the commercial break she let Walters have it…LOL

Barb Walters