Should Bolt tone it down?

Anyone who has been keeping up with the track and field races; knows that it has been on fire this year.  Jamaica and America have dominated in many of the races.  And then there is Usain Bolt.  The boy is fast; really fast.  So fast that he broke Michael Johnson’s record.  He is electrifying to watch; but to me not so fun to watch after it’s over.  The showboating has been very animated and in my opinion a bit annoying. 

I don’t mind celebrating, jumping up and down, holding up one finger to say that your #1.  But all of the extra stuff Bolt does is just just too much.  Some see nothing wrong with it; but the dancing and the rubbing the sweat off your eyebrows is over the type in my opinion.  what do you think?


Jim Brown Sounds off on Tilghman Comment

I could not agree more with Jim Brown .  Tiger Woods should have spoke against the comments his “friend” Kelly Tilghman made about lynching him in an alley. 

Tiger has played it safe when it comes to the race issue and still some people in main stream America reminded him that he can not play down the color of his skin.  From the history of golf being racist to the infamous “collard greens” comment at the Masters.  America has always reminded Tiger Woods that he is black….

Tiger is attempting to be color blind, but sometimes you have to take a stand.  He might not have been offended by the comments Tilghman made, but that doesn’t mean that they were no racially offensive.

I have read many blog post where people think that black people are too sensitive, or need to get over the “race issue”.  They think this way because they have been culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize black people, and sometimes black people also fall victim to this conditioning and marginalized themselves.  A perfect example of this is what Tiger did not say about the the Tilghman comments.  He contends that he was not offended. 

If Tiger was Jewish, and if Tilghman would have suggested that they throw Tiger in a gas chamber, we would not be having this discussion and Tilghman would have been out of a job, because the Jewish community will not allow anyone regardless of who they are to underestimate or down play their people and their history no matter what main stream America thinks.  When will black people get to that point? 

Tiger Woods

This article I read was on point.  The question really should be why wasn’t Tiger offended by these comments.  And just because he wasn’t offended, doesn’t mean that what Tilghman said wasn’t offensive. Still got love for you Tiger but no matter how race neutral you try to be, there will always be people to remind you that this country is not colorblind.. 

Hidden Meaning in Tiger’s reaction to Tilghman’s ‘lynch’ remark
Tiger’s response to the L word gives a clue to who he really is

The New Jordans…


Either Michael Jordan  is on crack or his divorce settlement left him penniless.  The new Jordans will first have a special edition version for $230.00 then the regular Jordans will retail at $185.00.  $185.00 dollars!!!!  Question?  What has Michael Jordan done for the community at large?  In particular the poor communities filled with kids who idolized him and did just about anything to buy his previous shoes?  I am a grown man, but I will be damned if I buy a $185.00 pair of sneakers.  I am all about free enterprise; but as we know, nothing is free in this Country; someone is paying the price for this.  I wonder what the true cost is for making this shoe?  Not nearly close to $185.00 I suspect.

Marion Jones’ relay teammate Passion Richardson wants to keep bronze medal from 2000 Olympics

Marion Marion; what a mess you have caused.  Alright folks; Should Jone’s teammates be made to hand over their medals as well?  I really don’t think they should, but if they had existing policy on the books about how to handle this situation, then I think they are going  to have to hand over their medals.  This really a F#$%$ed up situation.

Allen Iverson; Hero

now they love to talk about him when he does wrong, but not a word when he does something good…… Go Figure.  Well hats off to Iverson.

Allen Iverson; Hero

And the Idiot of the Week is…..



What in the hell was Thomas  thinking?  It’s kind of ok for a black man to call a black woman a bitch; but it is completely wrong for a white man to call a black woman a bitch? 

They should have asked him to submit a drug test because he sounds like a crack head.  No man should call a woman out of her name.