First the NY Post; now this….


They couldn’t even wait for Black History Month to be over……..

First the NY post and its racist cartoon picture and now this (Mayor is criticized for White House watermelon patch e-mail). I am afraid that it is going to get worse. There is a segment of America that can’t accept that for the first time in the history of our country that the people have elected a President who is of color. Some people argue that Civil Rights and community activist leaders are spending too much time and effort with the NY Post issue; but as you can see there is a lot of cultural conditioning that is taking place and the people who are displaying their ignorance need to be called out.


4 Responses

  1. Racist anxiously guard and perpetuate stereotypes because stereotypes (watermelon eating) are the foundation of racist ideology. No one, including Los Alamitos’ mayor, Dean Grose, believes that the Easter Egg Hunt will become a watermelon fest, he only says that to burden people of African descent with the idea that not matter who they are or what do, they will always be adversely defined by their skin color.

  2. This is the manifestation of the deep seated animus against African-Americans that is racism/white supremacy. They feel their dynasty is over because they lost the seat of the greatest power.

  3. everything is not black and white. Its all right for a black person to use the n word, but not a white. now white people cant even use watermelon without rage. people are just wanting to be hurt and divided. even with a black president blacks still feel oppressed. Keyanus Price in showing her madness had to use the word freakin’. why was a slang word used in a public quote that is equalled to a bad word that cannot be used? where was the sensitvity there?

  4. Venson:

    It is not ok to use the N word. Just because you see and hear some black people use the word does not mean that every black person approves the usage of the word. There are many socially conscious people like myself, who understand the history of how that word along with many other things were used to degrade black people.

    I am growing frustrated with people who claim that black people are too sensitive or making a big deal out of things that are historically documented as racist. All you have to do is research or google the words ‘Sambo’ or ‘Black Face’ and read the history of how images like the ones we saw with the NY Post and with this Mayor were used to degrade people of color.

    I will not allow anyone; black or white to underestimate, undervalue or marginalize the history of African Americans as it related to American History. Just because President Obama is of color doesn’t mean that racism in American magically ended. For people to use President Obama as a reason why black people should stop standing and defending their history and culture is not only wrong; but it is based in ignorance.

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