New Pastor, Old Legal Fight

If the congregation was dumb enough to by Rev. Cherry a jet, then he deserved to take it with him.  I am a Christian, but the black church has lost its mind.  If I were a member of this congregation, I would have been against the church buying him a jet.  He can catch a first class commercial flight if he needs to travel.   I don’t care how well he preached or what he did for the community. 

New Pastor, Old Legal Fight

By Hamil R. Harris

In a four-hour worship service at Verizon Center that attracted nearly 10,000 people, the Rev. John A. Cherry Sr. last month turned over the pulpit of one of the Washington area's largest churches– the 27,000-member From the Heart Church Ministries– to his son.


18 Responses

  1. With the amount of travel that Pastor Cherry does, it is actually cheaper to lease a plane versus paying for airline tickets. It also allows him to spend more time in ministry vs. in airports.

  2. We did not buy Pastor Cherry a jet. The jet belongs to the congregation. Anyone can charter the jet for private use for godly reasons not just our Pastor or congregation. There are places in third world countries where we preach the gospel that commercial airlines don’t reach and people have to wait hours if not days in hopes of catching a small plane,first to reach , first to fly. We have well reputed, independant auditors and are well aware of what is going on with our churches finances. I find it amazing that people who have never attended our church or any church for that matter like to comment on what we do. White congregations have the same type of assets, if not more than most black congregations but you don’t hear blacks commenting on how their pastors and leaders travel or live. The Catholic popes and leaders have private planes,private residences, servants, are chauffered in luxury cars, are automatic multimillionares when elected and run Vatican City!!!!!!!! No Protestant denomination will ever match the wealth of the Catholic church. Where is the outrage in the black community about this lavish lifestyle? There is none!!! Why? Because we love to defame our own people. Are there corrupt black churches, of course. But we should get our facts straight and comment on those before we decide to open our big mouths just because we have a forum to do so in.

  3. I stand by what I said. To each his own. If the congregation wanted to by a Jet for the church then fine. They shouldn’t be complaining. I know I would not have supported the purchase of a jet. That’s my opinion. I was commenting on the 40 million doallars and the jet that the congregation is claiming he owes them (the church). It was in the Washington Post and I have the right to question or repsond as I choose, its my God given right……

  4. We are not complaining,the A.M.E. Zion church is complaining.We did not take our brothers to court,they took us.We were not tricked we voted to leave and it was not a light or easy decision. And we are not the only congregation to leave or denomination because of it's leaders ungodly practices, thank you. If Zion had bought the properties or had given us ANYTHING to support us even when we were small and needed a church to worship in, which IS the responsibility of the Denomination that would have been different. Zion is virtually bankrupt. They can't afford the upkeep on ANY of Zion churches let alone ours. We paid for most of the upkeep to Zion's churches from our congregation. And we paid for the Bishop's residence. They want us to GIVE them the properties and continue to pay the utilities and maintenance on it.That's why they're mad and that's why they're suing. They have no money and the churches are almost empty. They want to sell or lease our churches,not fill them with worshippers. But to divide the money among themselves. Well that's enough of OUR personal business.
    As far as you God-given right, you do err. Where in the bible does God say that you have the right to say derogatory things about your neighbor,He says just the opposite. When you comment on something that you don't have ALL the facts about you are a talebearer or gossip.Please do not confuse your rights as an American citizen with your rights as a Christian,they are not the same. Who is the Post and what do they have to do with they Lord? Just because their writers post articles, it doesn't make them true or accurate.

  5. By the way, I believe four or five members voted to stay with Zion during the vote and most of them have since returned.

  6. April:

    it is obvious that you are very dedicated, and I am happy for you. Different strokes for different folks. I am sure Rev. Cherry has done and still does great work in the community. If the congregation that bought his residence and his jet are content with that, then fine.  And if you and the congregation are happy, thats all thats counts. I was saying that it would not work for me.  If the pastor is getting a salary from the church, and the congregation still decides to buy him a "residence" , then thats fine with me.  That is still my opinion and  I am sticking to it.  I don't let people dictate to me what I can and can not say no matter if they are a preacher, Christian, Governor or President.  If a pastor preaches a sermon, I don't have to agree with every word he says.  If a pastor does something that I don't agree with, it is not a sin to disagree with him/her.  Just like I don't have to agree with the decisions your congregation made.  Doesn't make me a bad person, and I wasn't talking bad about your Bishop.  If anything, the members who are suing are the ones who bought this on themselves.  That is all I have to say.

  7. I was talking about the A.M.E.Zion’s church’s bishop not Pastor Cherry. He bought his own house. I didn’t intend to insult you or imply that you were a bad person,if I did,I apologize. It’s like your spouse divorcing you and outsiders who don’t now you telling you why your marriage didn’t work. It’s public record,court documented, but we are still misquoted sometimes deliberately. The easiest way would be to ask a reliable person who actually attends the church. I had someone try to argue to me that we lost the church and had no where to worship even after I told them to come and see for themselves. They chose to believe a lie.Don’t believe everything you read. You have to take the news with a grain of salt. They want to gain some advertising dollars. Come and worship with us if you have the chance.We would love to have you.

  8. I came across this blog and simply had to reply. I too am a member of From The Heart… and have been a member for 14 years now. I’ve been a christian since the age of 13 and it wasn’t until joining the Former Full Gospel AMEZ under Pastor Cherry that I truly began learning God’s word and learning how to apply it to my life. That’s the most important thing for me. The jets, the properties all of that is in God’s hands. Pastor Cherry I and II are very upfront and honest with the membership about everything that happends with the money in the church… As Sis. April said, the jet wasn’t purchased FOR Pastor exclusively… but that’s neither here nor there… what’s important is that there are now From The Hear Chruches ALL around the WORLD! Isn’t that what it’s all about! Native son, I’d like to also invite you to worship with us… not considering the articles in the newspaper, but only seeking to be taught the true, uncompromised word of God. We don’t “name it and claim it”, “confess it and posess it”, but we are taught how to truly live according to God’s word and how to present Jesus to a Lost a dying world. Join us some time.

  9. Amen, Bro 9517 and Sis April. You are right on time. I am closely connected with From the Heart. Used to be a memeber but moved away for military duties. Love Pastor Cherry I and II and Mrs. Cherry. Love fellowshipping with the members. These are true Pastors and this is a true church. It is not about “name it and claim it” and getting material things from God. It is about hearing the true Word of God, applying it to our lives and changing our behavior so we can present Jesus to a lost and dying world. I think Nativeson is missing the point Sis April.

  10. I can’t believe I am still getting comments on this topic. I weclome all comments. I am not pointing out this church, but stating my opinions on the state of the black church as a whole. Here are some books that I think we should all read.

    Why Tithing is NOT for the Church by Benny D. Prince

    Pimps in the Pulpit by Herbert E. Brown

    Tithing-Need and Greed by Brenda Comton-turner 

  11. I agree with you 1000% percent. I would not have bought Pastor Cherry a jet or any other pastor for that matter. For lawful purposes it’s known as the church’s jet, but he has exclusive use of it, and I am sure he uses it for his own personal use. Jesus Christ rode the desert atop a donkey…their is no reason why his life should be made as comfortable as possible. And it is not cheaper, have you ever heard of frequent flyer miles. And as far as any member having the right to charter the jet for godly purposes, that is just another way of making money, since you have to pay. I’m sure I would not be permitted to use it for so called “godly purposes” for free. It is just outrageous that being a Pastor is synonymous with getting rich. It is ridiculous how most Pastors feel they are entitled to live way better than their congregation. I have been totally flabbergasted by the Vatican’s behavior and the lack of accountability to their parishioners; yes the Vatican is surrounded by wealth, while they use their poor faithful followers money to pay-off lawsuits due to their pedophile priest’s molesting children, that they so easily covered up. This does not change the fact that the black pastors are raping their flock monetarily…it is so sad. Let me say that I do speak from first hand experience, because I have attended Mr. Cherry’s services, way back when he was collecting funds to build a new church, that still yet to materialize. I remember sitting in on one of his revival with Pastor Price, and he standing up there asking the flock to close their eyes and raise their hand when he mentioned the amount of money they were planning to give to Pastor Price as his fee or honorarium (for preaching the word of God). I found it offensive and really tacky. I could go on and on, but I would just close by saying, how could you call yourself a man of God, and be quite content in driving around in expensive cars and flying in jets, when there are so many starving people in the world. Get reliable transportation and a comfortable place to live and see to it that very other penny is spent on the less fortunate. A man of god should not have the urge for worldly things, but should be fixated only on making the world a better place. I for one can’t afford to go to church anymore, so I don’t.

  12. I just happened to stumble across this article regarding the jet purchased by From The Heart Church Ministries. Even though I’m about a year behind. I would like to make a comment. First of all I am a member of From The Heart Church Ministries and have been so for 19 years. I think it’s quite interesting that with all the wonderful things that are going on at FTHCM the only thing you can find to discuss is the jet that we, the church purchased. Quite frankly, I don’t have a problem with the jet and I helped to purchase it. So I don’t see why anyone that didn’t contribute a dime to it should have anything to say about it. I wasn’t manipulated, brainwashed, swindled, or tricked into assisting in this purchase, I was more than willing because I understood the purpose behind it. If you want to talk about something worthwhile let’s talk about the thousands of lives that are being saved each and every day of the week through FTHCM worldwide. Let’s talk about the marriages that have been saved, the babies that weren’t aborted, men standing up and assuming their roles as husbands and fathers, homosexuals being converted and much, much more. Now that’s news worth talking about!

  13. I am glad that you stumbled across my blog post. All I have to say is do you. Its your church, you can fund whatever you like. I wrote about this because it was in the Washington Post.

    And it was worthwhile to talk about it. That is great that your church has saved marriages, and talked woman out of having abortions; I hope you keep it up, be sure that they are alsdo helping the community in which the church resides in; homelessness, poverty education health care AIDS prevention in the community. Now that’s news worth talking about!!! Giving back to the community in which the church resides in!!

  14. It is a real shame of a man taking chuch tithes and offerings to spend on a jet. It is like an abortion, maybe on percent have a medical reason, the others have no excuses. I hate Christians like these who are so worldly, Pastors like Mr. Cherry. I am a Christian and seeing children with their stomach full of worms in poor countries makes me sick. How stupid are his members and how arrogant is Mr. Cherry. What a waste of money. How many Millions who could have had their lives spared of starvation and illness by better use of God’s tithes & offerings. Man is vile.

  15. i use to be a regular listener to dr cherry in thhe late 80,s and early 90,s and i had no idea he was going through this challenge i will not talk against him but i will do his pray for him and for all those concerned …………God bless

  16. It amazes me how simple APRIL is. She virtually quoted John Cherry himself. I heard all of this in his sermons. I suppose because he is capable of saying it and repeating it multiple times in front of 20k+ people it must be true?



  18. we from south africa and have just had rev cherry snr visist us, i truly think that people who focus on a jet really do not no this man, he is amazing and the Love of Jesus shines out of him , I would also like to state that he has healped more that a jet worth and has spoken life were there was none….before we judge or worry about a silly jet , lets praise this God filled man for taking the time out to visit a country like south africa and be with us….instead of Judging how about the unconditional love that Jesus spoke about spread it aroung this man and his wife. We love you rev cherry and Mrs cherry and we praying for you…thank you for your love.

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