Ny Post Cartoon

President Obama’s economic team constructed this stimulus package.  They have been working on this package since he was President Elect; before he was sworn in.  President Obama’s economic team gave the framework of the package to Congress for them to hash it out; but the majority of the bill is from President Obama’s econ team.

How often do we forget our history on how images like the one that we saw in the NY Post have been used to stereotype and degrade black people.   And for any person to say that this was a swipe at Congress and not President Obama is mistaken.

As you may have read, this week U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made a comment at the Dept of Justice’s Black History Month Program that Americans are cowards when it comes to discussing race in this country.  He didn’t make those comments for kicks, he was responding to how this country has and still does have a problem with race; in light of the fact that for the first time in American History we have a President and U.S. Attorney General of color.

They say that black people are ‘too sensitive’, ‘playing the race card’, ‘always complaining’ or ‘should get over it’.  Some people even believe that because this country elected President Obama, that racism is magically supposed to disappear and that discrimination is a thing of the past.  This mind set falls under cultural conditioning. It is so common in our society that people subconsciously don’t realize it.


2 Responses

  1. One of the best ways to fight the ignorance is by hitting them where it hurts, the wallet. Do not buy the NY Post. Boycott the companies who advertise with the NY Post. Urge athletes, musicians, people in the entertainment industry, etc. not to conduct interviews with any of their reporters.

    The downturn in the economy has lead to troubled times for many newspapers and magazines. The NY Post risks losing a lot of money, and putting people out of work.

  2. Native, We have got to fight the fools in media with what effects them. Namely there revenue streams. We need to have a nationally recognized call for boycotting the paper, and News Corp. needs to be censured for such a blatant and heinous attempt at side-bar racism.

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