18 million unregistered African American voters

Folks we have to get it together.  Our vote does count.  It may not seem like it sometimes but 18 million black folk who are not registered is a crying shame.  I don’t know what it is going to take for our people to get the point.  I pulled this audio clip of R&B singer Jo.  Jo was not registered to vote.  Even though he is an Obama supporter he thought that since Obama was getting so much attention that ‘everyone’ else would push Obama over the top.  

It took everything in my soul not to scream at the top of my lungs.  I love this brotha’s music but he is very ignorant.  I am glad that Tom Joyner got him to register and vote.  This brotha didn’t even know when election day was.  Folks we have to do better!!!!  We have to remember that our ancestors fought and died for us to have the right to vote!!!!

Listen to Jo on the Tom Joyner Morning show 


Flava Flav: Modern day Stepin Fetchit

After great ratings on VH-1’s “Flava of Love” networks have given him a show called Under One Roof.  Flava Flav plays an ex-con who goes to live with his rich brother; sounds familiar?  It may from the surface, but Fresh Prince of Bel Air had a great story line and was balanced. 

I will go out on a limb and say that this show will be nothing short of coon-tastic entertainment.  I am using Flava of Love as my premise for making these statements.  As a matter of fact, the LA Times says that the show makes other ethnicities look stupid as well; still doesn’t make it right. 

Prosecutors in R. Kelly Case have new evidence of other crimes

Please throw this fool in jail.  This has gone on too long and I am tired of people supporting this man and making music with him as if they don’t know he has a problem with under-aged girls.

You have got to be kidding me………..


I am still not over Nas and Kelis at the Grammys showing their ignorance and now we have Prince Paul promoting a Bring a White Girl Night. Pay close attention to the flyer and who the DJs for this event are affiliated with… BET/XM and VH-1/XM!! These are the same 2 cable stations that have no problem marginalizing black people on a regular bases; but some us still support these networks by watching their programming.

And now this fool has the nerve to promote this foolishness in honor of Black History Month!!!  How disrespectful to our ancestors is this.  If you want to promote racial harmony, then promote the party and advertise it in all neighborhoods.  There is no need to charge a reduced price because you bring 2 white woman.  How is this honoring black history month? 

Kanye West….

Just when you start to have an ounce of compassion for Kanye because of the death of his mother, he opens his big mouth.  Did anyone hear his speech tonight?  He has to be one of the most immature self-centered ignorant artists out there.  And what was he trying to say about Common?  That maybe Common would have won the grammy if his CD did not drop in the same year as his?  It is obvious that he got his arrogance from his parental units (rest in peace to his mother)  but I read some things she said about him a couple of years ago and it was obvious where he got it from…..

I am so glad that Herbie Hancock won Best Album tonight.  Herbie has been around for a long time and is an awesome musician.  I am sure Kanye is pissed right about now….lol

Lil Wayne shows up 3 hours late to Richmond concert

I know I am going to catch some heat for this; but after reading this article I have so many questions.  I want to preface this buy saying that I love true Hip-Hop…  lol here we go…

According to the article, Lil Wayne showed up to the concert venue in Richmond 3 hours late;

Though more than three hours late — coming on stage at 11:50 p.m., to be precise

Question #1-  why would anyone wait over 3 hours to see Lil Wayne?

Some fans grew impatient and demanded refunds:

“I want my money back,” said Shapierra Debro, 16, there with her cousin Tymesha Debro and friend Deshante Robinson. “I can look at him on TV. You see everybody else and their momma on stage tonight except Wayne.”

Question #2,3,4- What is a 16 y/o doing at a Lil Wayne concert?  Where was this little girl’s parents? Why hasn’t anyone smacked the hell out of them for letting her buy tickets to a Lil Wayne concert?

I guess I am just not getting why Lil Wayne is popular.  Anyways I will go on to the next issue. 

Vanessa McCalla, 31, was especially incensed because she drove from Virginia Beach and took a partial vacation day from work to be at the concert.

“This is ridiculous. I’m a single parent. I work hard for my money and I’m a professional. He should be a professional, too. I’m disgusted,” McCalla said.

Okay I had to LOL when I read this part.  Vanessa says that she is a professional single mother who took a partial vacation to drive to Richmond from VA Beach….   She is concerned that Lil Wayne is not professional enough to show up on time.  I think Vanessa didn’t hear that Lil Wayne was arrested and charged earlier in the day with several counts of drug and weapons charges in an Arizona courtroom. 

Lil Wayne is a professional, but not the kind of professional she is referring to…. lol

Question #5- What is a partial vacation?  Leaving work early is a partial vacation?  I’m confused….

Question #6- What kind of professional is Vanessa taking a partial vacation to see Lil Wayne? Once again I’m confused…lol

Apprantly there were some VCU students who were not to happy about Lil Wayne showing up 3 hours late.

Ten minutes later, VCU students Tenzin Sampher, Louis Cincinelli and Garret Wegrzynowicz, figuring Wayne had finished the show after a mere 20 minutes, also left the venue.

“Virginia Commonwealth students and Richmond as a whole isn’t going to forget what he did to us today. It was unacceptable,” said Sampher.

Question #7,8,9-Uhh is Lil Wayne the President of VCU? Does he sit on the Board? Why would VCU be concerned that Lil Wayne showed up 3 hours late to a non University concert?  I think most VCU students will be able to pick up the pieces some how to carry on with their collegiate careers…

State of New York Strikes Back

BK State Assembly Hakeem Jeffries is not playing with Nas.  He is not sitting back complaining, he is taking action by attempting to hit record companies in the pocket.  That is how you get America to listen; you take away the money.  Nas just doesn’t get it.  And apparently Saul Williams is trying to get in on the issue as well.

In related news, poet Saul Williams may join Nas as a target of protest with the announcement of his upcoming album title, “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!,” produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and mixed by Alan Moulder.

I have seen and heard Saul perform before and he is a cool brotha, but I am not sure what he is trying to do here.  I guess people will say that we should wait and hear Nas’s CD and Saul’s CD before pass judgement, but unless one of friends buys one these works, I will never hear it.

Why do we see no wrong in underestimating, undervaluing and marginalizing ourselves?