Jack Johnson puts property tax proposal on ‘hold’

I was reading the Gazette this morning and  read an article that County Executive Jack Johnson is now putting his property tax increase proposal on ‘hold’  Proposed Prince George’s tax increase put on hold.  According to Johnson’s Chief of Staff, they want to research and explore other options of generating revenue.   You would think  that Johnson would have explored all possible options before bringing up an increase of property taxes.  I did not vote for Johnson in the last county election (I wrote in Rushern Baker’s name) and I can not wait fo his term to be over.

Jack Johnson considering running for state office

It appears that Jack Johnson may try his luck running for state office; Governor of Maryland to be exact (Johnson mulls run for state office).  I will let the readers discuss this one…..




One Response

  1. I can’t believe Johnson is running for anything higher than dogcatcher of Prince George’s County. I have not seen an iota of leadership from him the whole time he has been County Executive, and his attempt to take credit for National Harbor is equally as ridiculous.

    By the way, Native, have you been to National Harbor? If so, what was it like? I was told by some friends that its expensive and very Disneyland-like.

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