Suspect Arrested in Uno Pizzeria shottings in Largo

Hats off to the PG Police department for catching this fool. 

According to the Washington Post Tron S. Johnson, 22, of Mitchellville had been arguing with three men while watching the Super Bowl at Uno Chicago Grill when the argument escalated into a fistfight, police said. Then, police said, Johnson pulled out a gun and began shooting.

Johnson also had a criminal record.

Johnson faced a gun charge in November in a drug case. The gun charge was not prosecuted. Johnson was sentenced to five years in prison on the drug count, but Circuit Judge Graydon McKee III suspended all but two days and placed him on probation for four years.”

I wonder if Judge Graydon McKee is thinking right about now? I wonder if any of these judges really think when they suspend or reduce sentences?

It doesn’t stop there:

Court records show that Johnson was arrested three times in 2007, mostly on drug charges. In one case, he had a gun. The records also show that two of the victims in Sunday’s shooting had had brushes with the law involving guns. Poston was charged with illegal possession of a handgun in 2004 after threatening to shoot a man over a dispute at a park in Bowie. He received no jail time. Sneed pleaded guilty in 2003 to a handgun violation and served three days, records show.

Why were any of these men out of jail especially with gun charges??  This needs to be a wake up call to everyone.  People who have illegal guns are out doing illegal things, they don’t have guns just for the hell of it.

Then there is the Aunt of Tron Johnson; who for some strange reason was “shocked”  that her nephew was arrested for the murders.

Johnson’s aunt, with whom he lives, said she was surprised at the charges against her nephew.

“That doesn’t sound like him,” Ora Jean Reeves said. “That doesn’t sound like something he would do.”

Why was Ms. Reeves shocked when this boy stayed in and out of trouble?   He had multiple charges including a gun charges.  It really makes me mad when incidents like this happen and family members claim to be shocked or in some alternate universe not knowing that their family member is a criminal.  Ms. Reeves knew that Tron was a criminal and so did his family; they don’t want to admit it.


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  1. What to do when criminals are in the family?

    Native son you raise a good point.

    To me it would be difficult not to know if your child or relative had a gun especially if they lived in your house, but that’s me.

    And to Shelli, I believe off-duty police, if they are visible in a business can be a deterrent to crime. It’s up to management to understand their clientele and make adjustments to security especially during high-profile sporting events.

    Uno’s can afford to hire additional security. It’s a sound business practice and an issue of public safety.

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  3. Spare the rod & spoil the child…

    This is something I grew up hearing in my house. NativeSon I share your angst at the senseless nature of this easily prevented incident and with the family that fell asleep at the wheel. Easily preventable because the criminal justice system had plenty of chances to keep this from happening. How does one get a 5-year jail sentence & have all but two days suspended? That doesn’t make any sense. I understand our jails our overcrowded but there are other solutions available. How about instead of suspending his sentence, you make him serve the entire time on house arrest. Put a bracelet on his ankle, force him to work a real job and pay for his own monitoring so that you & I don’t incur that cost. Work & home. That’s it. Still 100 times better than jail but keeps this fool off the streets.

    Families with criminals. Stop saving them from their rightful punishment. I got in trouble with the law in my early 20s and my family supported me, but let me take my lumps. That was the ONLY way for me to learn that there are no shortcuts in life. What would I have learned if they had come to bail me out & then acted like I was innocent? Sometimes we need our heads cracked to get straight.

    Now we have four more Black lives gone. And for what? An argument over a game?

  4. I just want to send a Rest In Peace To My Fallen Angles!!! That was fucked up how Tron took my mans lifes over nothing, Nothing At All!

  5. Rest In Peace My Three Fallen Angles. How could Tron live his life in Peace, Love, and Happiness when you took my friends lifes for NOTHING AT ALL!!! What the hell makes him thinks he can decide when their lifes should be taken? He doesn’t!!! but he took there lives anyway. Now My Friends, My Hommies Families, and the Public has to morn and suffer through the death of 3.

  6. Tenisha my prayers go out to you and their families

  7. i can understand the agony that people have over the whole situation but unless you know the whole situation then you cannot say much. i wasn’t there, no. at the same time though i know dat son wasn’t no damn killa either. son did wat he felt was neccesary. whose to say that Poston wasn’t gone get at my son later or anyone else who was there with them. no one knows the history that any of them had with each other. if ne one knows tron then they should step up and speak 4 him. i aint sayin wat he did was righteous nor honest but knowing him you would know that being a murderer was not his motto. something had to get more serious inside uno’s then wat was said. regardless who talk bad bout you i got ur back 4 gud son. 1! Hold ur head.

  8. Doobie:

    What could have been said for this Tron to pull out a gun in a crowded resturant and open fire? I don’t care what the victims said to Tron, pulling out a gun to resolve the issue is never the answer.

    This is what is wrong with the black community right; so many of us settle issues with violence and then family members adn friends come out to defend. If killing wasn’t his motto, he sure didn’t have any problems pulling it out in public putting other innocent people in harm’s way. Maybe you and some of his family members should have pulled ‘son” to the side and told ‘son’ to get his mind right. As you keep calling hims ‘son’ he is a man who made an dumb decision to kill people.

    There is no justification for what your “son” (as you call him) did. NONE!

  9. I am Terrance Sneeds mother. I have never turned a blind eye to my sons brushes with the law. I have always told him that you do what u do. face the punishment whatever it may be. All that is being read about him being charged is the outcome of it not what came before. Well I know and am satisfied with that….Tron is a cold hearted killer plain & simple. He should have NEVER walked into a public place with that gun. He wasnt suppose to be carrying one in the frist place. what does probation mean to him? If he was being talked about, disrespected, punked, carried whatever he should have taken his licks like a man or got up & went home and not have done that punk move with a gun. I had just talked to my son about 3mins. before he was gunned down. His voice gave me no indication that anything had or was going on. I take it from that that whatever was happening there he wasnt taking it serious. Doobie are you saying that they should have been killed because they might have retaliated against him or whoever was with him at a later time? smh…you cant be serious.. There may have been a history with the 2 groups if so it will come to the light. I dont know what went on in Uno’s either I wasnt there but Tron knows & his friend..Unfortunately the other 3 young men cant speak for themselves ever again thanks to Tron Stephan Johnson. It was more going on then it being about that game, gambling or other speculations because Tron was vicious… Was Tron blunted out on SuperBowl Sunday? We all should know that weed, alchohal & guns is not a good mix…. The jail needs to be dropped on him & just get all of these hearings over with save the tax payers some money the same way he gunned down 3 young men & got it over with.

  10. I know Tron and have to agree with doobie. He wasn’t the type to go and shoot up a crowded place. Something was said or done that made him feel threatened. I am not justifying what happened, just trying to look at things from both sides. In the end 4 lives were lost including Tron’s.

  11. Those three threatening to kidnap and kill Tron. (You taking us to that money or you dying tonight). That’s from the horses mouth. There was history. Maybe Tron should have taken the ass whippin but how was he to know that was all it was going to be? Did he do the right thing? Nah. But is it understandable? Yeah. That’s the life he and them were living so in my opinion no one is innocent. 4 lives were lost. May all four of them rest in peace.

  12. Everybody wants to make Tron the only bad guy in this case. All 4 young men were living 2 lives (home&street). No one really knows what goes on when your family or freinds do when they live your sight, there are no angels in this situtation. Oh Yeah!!! by the one of those cats had a 45.caliber, and they threw the first verbel & physical punch. People need to stop writing checks they can’t cash.

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